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The Case of Fighting Fire with Fire Rated Doors

December 23, 2016

Fire-rated doors are integral to a building's integrity and the lives of those inside when catastrophe occurs. In this blog, the Glass Detective explores the part glass plays in these pivotal pieces.

What is Building Code Law on Entry Doors?

December 22, 2016

Follow the Glass Detective as he takes on the case of the Commercial Entry Doors. In this case, the Glass Detective digs up the dirt on building code law surrounding commercial entry doors and the types of glass that can be used in them. Find out more here!

How Do You Seal a Cracked Windshield?

December 21, 2016

You’re traveling down the road when bam. A rock hits your windshield and the next thing you know there’s a crack streaking across your vehicle’s windshield. What should you do? Learn more here!

6 Great Glass Gifts

December 20, 2016

Are you crazed this last week before Christmas trying to get all shopping done, cookies baked and cards mailed? Need some last-minute gift advice? We've got some glassy gift ideas for everyone on your list! See more here.

Motorhome and RV Windshield Replacement

December 20, 2016

For as long as you can remember, you've dreamed of spending retirement on the open road behind the wheel of your very own RV. And now, those days are here! Nothing could be finer ... until a rock or some other form of debris lands itself in the middle of your windshield—leaving unsightly damage. What do you do? Here's what you need to know about getting the damage fixed so you can get back on the road.

Windshield Repair vs. Replacement

December 12, 2016

When a chip or crack occurs in a windshield, consumers are faced with the decision between repairing or replacing that piece of glass. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages – so which one is the right choice for you? Learn more!

Mobile vs. Shop Visit for Windshield Replacement

December 9, 2016

The glass shop contacts you to ask if you want the replacement done at your home or office, or if you had planned to bring it to their shop. Which option is best? Join us as we take a quick look at the differences between windshield replacements done mobile vs. replacements done at the auto glass shop.

How Rust Can Affect Your Windshield Replacement

December 8, 2016

You might think: “Windshields are made of glass, so I’ll never need to worry about rust, right?” Well, this isn’t entirely true. Rust is a common problem on vehicles. Find out how rust can impact a windshield you want to replace.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Windshield?

December 5, 2016

It's a simple question and you want a simple answer: How much will it cost to replace my windshield? The answer, however, depends on more than just your cracked or chipped glass. Windshield replacement costs typically include glass, installation, the adhesive and cleaning.

When to Repair or Replace a Damaged Windshield

November 29, 2016

So you were driving down the highway and all of a sudden - Whack! - a rock slams into your windshield. Nothing shatters but you clearly have a large chip or crack now. Is it time to replace the windshield? Or will you be able to opt to simply have it repaired?