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A Guide to Farmhouse Mirrors

Farmhouse style mirrors are becoming a popular décor item, made famous by the HGTV show Fixer Upper. They can add a rustic but elegant touch to any room in your house. There are a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles from which to choose. You can even make them yourself.

What is a Farmhouse Mirror?

A farmhouse mirror is any mirror that has a frame reminiscent of something that could be found in a farmhouse. The frame could be made of reclaimed wood or metal, or made to look like the frame is older than it is. You can make your own mirror from reclaimed materials you already own or buy an antique mirror or a new mirror made to look reclaimed with distressed paint.

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What Shapes and Sizes do Farmhouse Mirrors Come in?

Farmhouse mirrors can come in any shape or size. They can be circular, square, rectangular, or even a custom shape. The size can range from a large mirror used as a statement piece to a small mirror used as decoration in a hallway.

Mirror frames are not limited to just the edge of the glass. Many frame styles create a pattern on the glass or extend beyond the traditional frame area, such as a sunburst mirror.

You should choose a shape or size based on your décor or space needs. Think about whether you want the mirror to be a functional item or if it would be used as décor. Not only do mirrors allow you to see your reflection, they reflect light to make a space brighter. Thoughtfully-placed mirrors can also help a small space appear larger.

How Do I Choose a Farmhouse Mirror for my Home?

Choosing the right farmhouse mirror for your home depends upon where in your house you’d like to place it and your own personal taste.

If you’re planning to place the mirror in your entryway you might want to purchase one around 20 by 24 inches. This size isn’t too large for a space and can also function as a mirror to check your appearance before leaving the house. The same size could work as a vanity mirror in your guest bathroom.

Placing a few smaller mirrors with the same type of frame side-by-side can create an elegant aesthetic in a bedroom or hallway. If it’s a small bedroom or a hallway without a lot of natural light, decorative mirrors can make the space appear bigger and brighter. Using a variety of small farmhouse mirrors can create an eclectic aesthetic and act as a decorative showpiece in a family or living room.

Full-length farmhouse mirrors are a great addition to a bedroom. Not only can they brighten your room but they can add rustic charm. Since full-length mirrors are larger, you could even buy one made with an old door frame for a unique touch. Click here for more information about full-length mirrors.

Mullioned window frames, whether made from metal or wood, make great mirror frames. The mullions would cover parts of the mirror, but these frames are the epitome of farmhouse elegance. Large farmhouse mirrors can even be combined with barn-door-style sliding doors in a bathroom.

Look at the other items in your space. Do you already have several distressed items or don’t like the distressed aesthetic? Then you can find elegantly carved wood frames in the style of a French country mirror. The possibilities are endless. Adding a farmhouse mirror to your home is a great way to create a unique aesthetic. Frame styles can truly be one-of-a-kind.

For information about how to maintain your new mirror, click here.

Farmhouse Mirror Mounting Options

You can choose from several different mounting methods for your farmhouse mirror, including:

  • Leaning, where you lean the mirror against the wall;
  • Over the door, where you use hardware to hang the mirror over a door;
  • Wall mounting, where you hang the mirror from the wall using nails or screws; or
  • Freestanding, where the mirror stands by itself without support from a wall or door.

We recommend always using a professional to mount mirrors to ensure the job is done safely and the mirror remains mounted securely.

Where Can I Purchase a Farmhouse Mirror?

Local glass shops also have a selection of farmhouse mirrors available. Going this route allows you to support local businesses. If you already have the materials for an antique frame, a local shop can set the mirror into the frame for you safely and securely.

Another plus is that you have somewhere you can turn if an issue arises with your mirror. can connect you with a glass shop in your area that can provide you with a variety of full-length mirror options.

More Information About Mirrors

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