Setting Your Pricing In Ten Simple Steps

On, you’re in complete control of your pricing. We never stipulate your pricing or determine what you should charge. We also don’t promote low pricing- customer search results are randomized and unable to be sorted by price.

Furthermore, we let the customers know during the booking process, and again in their confirmation email, that pricing displayed on is for estimation purposes only, and that pricing is subject to change. You’re not locked into the price quote the customer receives through

Auto Glass is the only category that provides instant price estimates to customers. For all other services (residential window replacement, shower glass replacements, etc.) you must contact the customer directly to provide pricing estimates.

Auto glass pricing is calculated using NAGS (National Auto Glass Specifications) pricing. This pricing formula allows you to stipulate your NAGS part price discount, labor pricing, and urethane kit pricing. By default, all pricing will be set to zero. This means if you do not adjust your pricing, the price quotes displayed to customers will simply be the NAGS part list price.

Furthermore, keep in mind that our system will always produce estimates using the lowest part price available through NAGS. For example, if a customer wants OEM glass, our system will not account for this price difference unless an OEM part is the only part available in the NAGS pricing system.

Auto glass pricing can be set at the company level, location level, or both. Setting pricing at the location level will override any pricing set at the company level. For example, a company with five locations can set pricing at the company level. This pricing will apply to all five locations. If the owner wishes to have higher pricing at one of the five locations, they can adjust the pricing for that single location at the location level.

This guide is for customizing auto glass pricing at the
Company level. This will change pricing company-wide, for all locations under this company.
Auto glass pricing can also be set at the Location level to only change pricing at a single location. This is a great option if you have multiple locations, each with its own pricing.
To change auto glass pricing at the Location level, please refer to this guide.

  1. Log into your account. Trouble logging in? Please refer to this guide.
  2. Click “COMPANIES” in the top navigation bar.
  3. Click the “Edit” button next to the company you wish to edit

    *Note: This guide assumes you have already set up a Company profile and Service Settings. If you haven’t done so yet, please follow our Creating or Making Changes to Your Company Profile Guide, or Adjusting Service Settings Guide first.

  4. Scroll down to the Service Setting section and see the “Auto Glass” settings section
    • Does this company provide auto glass service? Toggle Yes/No. If yes:
      1. Do you wish to display instant price quotes to customers? Toggle Yes/No
        *Note: Our studies have shown that not displaying instant price quotes to customers greatly reduces conversion rates.

        Toggling Auto Glass service to “Yes” will open up a dropdown section for setting Replacement Pricing.

  1. Set your Material Pricing
    • Set your NAGS Material offset for windshield prices
      1. The number you input to this field will either add or subtract that percentage to/from NAGS part pricing.
        1. Click the “minus sign” or “-” so that it’s highlighted green to subtract this percentage from NAGS list prices.
  • Set your NAGS material offset for other part prices
    1. The number you input to this field will either add or subtract that percentage to/from NAGS part pricing.
      1. Click the “minus sign” or “-” so that it’s highlighted green to subtract this percentage from NAGS list prices.
    2. Set your Labor Rates
      • Toggle between Flat Labor Rate and Hourly Rate depending on what pricing model you use for your company.
        1. Setting a Flat Labor Rate will allow you to specify labor rates for each type of part install.
        2. Setting Hourly Rates will allow you to set an hourly rate that will be multiplied by NAGS labor hours.
          1. For example, if NAGS stipulates that an install will take 3 hours, if your hourly labor rate is $100, the total labor pricing will be $300.
        3. Set your Urethane Kit Pricing
          • Urethane kit pricing is set either as a flat rate per job, or as a NAGS percentage.
            1. Using Flat Job Rate will allow you to set the total price of urethane per job. Please note: This pricing is per job, not per kit. If an installation requires more than one kit, the same pricing will apply regardless of the number of kits needed.
            2. Using NAGS Rate pricing will calculate the cost using the number of urethane tubes shown in the NAGS database.
  1. Save Your Changes
    • Click “Save Company” at the bottom of the page to save your pricing changes
  2. Test Your Pricing
    • Click “LOCATIONS” in the top navigation bar.
    • Click “Preview Pricing”
    • From the dropdown menus, select a year, make, model, and glass part that you are familiar with pricing.
    • Click “Search”
    • View the cost breakdown and Customer Quote
      1. Note: the cost breakdown will never be available to the customer. The customer will only ever see the total estimate.
  1. Adjust pricing as needed
    • If your pricing isn’t set where you’d like it, repeat steps 2-10 above to adjust pricing further.



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