Creating or Making Changes to Your Company Profile

10 Easy Steps for Optimizing Your Profile to Get More Leads

Creating your company’s profile page is similar to setting up any other company listing page – you can think of it as similar to setting up a social media page. This is the page to tell customers all about you!

The more information you include in your company profile, the more familiar customers become with who you are and what you do. This will help provide customers with greater confidence with booking and could ultimately increase your conversion rates.

Below are the steps for setting up and making changes to your company’s profile on

  1. Log into your account. Trouble logging in? Please refer to this guide.

  2. Click “COMPANIES” in the top navigation bar.
  3. To add a new company, click the “Add new” button.
    To edit an existing company, click the “Edit” button
    next to the company you wish to edit*Note: If you own multiple companies, you can set up separate company profiles for each. Examples of this include:
    • Two auto glass companies run under different names
    • An auto glass company and flat glass company that operate independently
  4. Input your company name in the first field. This is what will be displayed to customers.
  5. Add your company website. Adding a website address will create a clickable link in your profile which allows customers to visit your company’s website directly.
  6. Add links to your social media pages. To find these links, simply visit your company’s social media page, and copy and paste only the portion of the URL after the forward slash (/).
    • Clicks on these links will not trigger referral fees.
  7. Write a description of your company and its services. This should include information such as:
  • Products or services: Briefly describe the products or services that the company provides.
  • Unique selling points: Highlight what sets the company apart from its competitors, such as quality, price, innovation, or customer service.
  • History: Provide a brief overview of the company’s history, including when it was founded, significant milestones, and any major changes that have occurred over time.
  • Mission and values: Explain the company’s mission statement and core values, and how they guide the company’s decision-making and operations.
  • Company culture: Describe the company culture, work environment, and any employee benefits or perks.
  • Awards and recognition: Mention any awards or recognition the company has received, such as industry accolades or customer service awards.
  • Partnerships and collaborations: If the company has any notable partnerships or collaborations, list them and explain their significance.
  1. Add a company logo. By default, a “ Affiliate” logo will display. Bring brand recognition to your company by swapping this out with your company’s own logo. Simply click “Select Logo File” and upload a logo from your computer’s files. Be sure to follow the file size guidelines listed below:
    • Accepted file types: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png
    • File size limit: 8 MB
    • Recommended image size: 700 x 700 pixels
    • Note: All images will be resized to a square
  2. Add photos of your company. These visuals are an excellent way to further boost consumer confidence by giving a face to your business. Examples of photos you can show off to potential customers are:
    • Photos of your brick-and-mortar location
    • Photos of your fleet vehicles (customers like to know what vehicle to watch for on appointment day)
    • Photos of your employees
    • Photos of previous work you have completed
    • Photos of company events that you’ve hosted
  3. Add badges. Badges are icons that give customers a quick visual of qualities that can help your business stand out from the crowd. Only add badges that are applicable to your business. Badges that do not pertain to your company will be removed. These badges include:
    • Family Owned Business
    • Minority Owned Business
    • Woman Owned Business
    • 5 Years in Business
    • 10 Years in Business
    • Mobile Service Offered
    • Warranty Offered
    • ADAS Calibration Offered
    • And many more!


Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Save Company” button to save your change.


Next, we’ll talk about adjusting your service settings and setting auto glass pricing. Please refer to the guides below:

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