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Daniel Snow


Daniel Snow serves as the Vice President of Operations for and is also a contributing editor. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from George Mason University and has a background in the real estate industry. After high school, Daniel even worked at a family-owned glass shop for a short period of time and is an Auto Glass Safety Council certified installer. In his free time, Daniel enjoys being outdoors, especially around the water where he can be found surfing, fishing, and boating. He has a passion for bringing old vehicles back to life and loves working with his hands to restore cars, boats, and motorcycles.

Posts by Daniel Snow

I Thought My Car Only Had One Windshield?

June 13, 2017

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Your Car’s Rear Windshield The rear-facing glass on the back of your vehicle, what is it called? Like so many parts in the automotive industry, it actually has a few different names. Some of the more common ones are backlite, rear windshield, and back glass. All of these […]

Strange Objects Cause Windshield Damage in Many Cases

May 19, 2017

Windshield Damage is Typical It’s unlikely you’ve gone your entire life without ever having a damaged windshield- a rock chip at the very least. Windshield breakage typically happens one every eight years on average, but we see or hear about thousands of cases every day—some of them a bit more bizarre than others. Rocks aren’t […]

Windshield Replacement Calibration with ADAS

May 5, 2017

More Money For Windshield Replacements, Less Problems For Drivers Don’t want to pay more money for a windshield replacement? Then don’t buy a new car. As with all technological advancements, there are always added costs. Your windshield might look like just a big piece of glass, but it’s actually filled with technology. We’re here to tell […]

Polycarbonate: Special Windshields for Race Cars

April 18, 2017

Polycarbonate, Not Glass? A race car’s windshield is much different than the windshield in your daily driver. These machines are meant for one thing- to go fast. And to go fast, saving every ounce of weight possible is important. Because of this, race cars don’t actually use glass windshields. Instead they usually utilize polycarbonate- a […]

Important Nissan and Porsche Windshield Recall Information

March 14, 2017

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association has issued two recall reports based on defects in windshield bonding reported by Porsche and Nissan regarding certain 2017 models. These recalls may affect your car's windshield and are a major safety concern. Find out more here.

Car Window Won’t Roll Up? Don’t Get Caught in the Rain!

March 14, 2017

A common glass-related issue many drivers face is a car window that will not roll up or down properly. This is something encountered on both new and old cars alike- even those equipped with manual windows! Don't get caught in the rain. Check out what to do when you have a window that won't roll up or down.

De-Icing Your Car’s Windshield

March 6, 2017

There are many crazy tips and tricks on the internet for de-icing your car's windshield in the wintertime. As winter weather continues to hammer many parts of the country, you may find yourself wondering which ones actually work without harming your car.

What’s New in Automotive Glass Technology?

February 28, 2017

Check out some of the new advancements in automotive glass technology in this footage from the 2017 Washington Auto Show in DC! Watch the auto industry showcase their latest vehicle models and new developments.

American Mobile Glass Signs on as® Affiliate

February 23, 2017

American Mobile Glass of New Jersey is the newest glass company to become an affiliate of®. American Mobile Glass has been family owned and operated since 1982. Learn more here!

Flash Glass Signs on as® Affiliate

February 10, 2017

Flash Glass of Michigan is the newest glass company to become an affiliate of®. Flash Glass is a woman-owned business that has been family owned and operated in South Lyon, Michigan since 1998. Learn more here!