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How to Insulate Old Windows: Three Budget Approaches

When it comes to insulating old windows against cold winter air or scorching summer heat, there are few options that serve as much more than “band-aids.” That said, if replacement windows aren’t in the budget, here are three ways you can better insulate windows. Many of the same methods can be used to insulate glass […]


Entry Door Trends 2020: Larger in Size and Wider in Options

If you’re shopping entry doors in 2020, you might find yourself confused by the latest trends—many of which represent polar opposites. Some manufacturers have worked to develop age-old aesthetics, while others have gone modern. Some are offering pivot doors, while others are sticking with standard hinges. We break down the 2020 style changes, both old and new.


The Relative Strength of Tempered Glass Versus Laminated Glass

What is the relative strength of tempered glass versus laminated glass? Which glass material is best for a glass guardrail and what are the pros and cons of each type of material? The Glass Detective answers on our blog!


Laminated vs. Tempered Side Windows in Vehicles

You may have seen it in the news recently—instances of someone getting stuck in their vehicle after an accident because the car was equipped with laminated side windows. Learn about the pros and cons of laminated and tempered glass when used in side windows.


Press Release:® Expands Coverage to 5,000 New Zip Codes

In just six months, has increased its coverage area by approximately 5,000 new zip codes. Much of the growth was in the Northeast, Midwest, and Northwest. Find out more about the expansion in coverage here.


Press Release: Reaches More Than One Million Visitors

In little more than just two years, the website has attracted more than one million visitors from all over the world and accumulated nearly two million page views. This milestone comes shortly after was nominated as a finalist for the 2019 Folio Awards. Learn more.


What Affects My Final Auto Glass Replacement Cost?

At, we strive to provide an excellent customer experience when booking your auto glass replacement job. In this post, we break down the factors that impact your final costs for your replacement compared to the initial quote you receive online.

Read More... Can Help You Choose New Windows and Doors

If you’re in need of new windows or doors for your home, you’re in the right place. We have hundreds of helpful articles that can help guide you and a quick and easy quote request process to help you find the best window and door provider at the right price.


Are You a Window or Door Dealer? Want More Leads?

Do you replace windows or doors on residential or commercial buildings? If so, you’ll want to receive highly qualified window and/or door leads from customers in your service area who are seeking replacement windows or doors. Grow your business with!

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