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Penny Stacey


Penny Stacey serves as the communications manager for Key’s association clients. Her job is to augment communications efforts as needed or requested by the association. She currently edits four association newsletters, writes press releases and story pitches for these clients. She also helps with research as requested.

Penny has been part of the Key team for 17 years, and has served as an editor for a number of Key publications, e-newsletters and websites. She graduated from Mary Washington College with a bachelor’s degree in both English and American Studies. She works part-time now while raising her two young boys.

Posts by Penny Stacey

The Future of Auto Glass: Cars Without Mirrors?

February 10, 2017

The world is constantly becoming more technologically advanced, and your auto glass is no different. While your windshield has long been an important part of your vehicle's safety system, its size and role are growing too, along with the rest of the glass in your vehicle.

Why Temperature is Important in a Windshield Installation

September 9, 2016

The outside temperature plays a role in all outdoor installations of glass so if you are having your windshield replaced outdoors—in a mobile installation—you'll want to consider the weather. Learn more about the weather's effect on adhesives today!