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Auto Glass and Windshield Replacement: Who is the Best?

There are many, many auto glass and windshield replacement companies in existence, so it would be hard to pin down one that is better than all the rest. However, there are a few criteria that separate the best ones from the others.

One key qualifier for the superiority of an auto glass and windshield replacement company is its standing with the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) . This is a not-for-profit organization, founded and supported by companies in the auto glass replacement industry, dedicated to the safe and quality replacement of auto glass.

Why is AGSC Membership Important?

The Council, which is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards development organization, has developed North America’s only auto glass replacement standard, which addresses procedures, education and product performance.

All companies registered and certified by AGSC meet or exceed the Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS Standard) and undergo periodic audits by an outside auditing agency that checks that they are performing their installations in accordance with these standards.

AGSC has a regularly updated list of registered member companies on its website, which includes replacement companies from every state in the U.S. The site also includes an updated list of AGSC-certified technicians. The site also includes a badge that shows those companies that are AGSC registered next to the company listing, making it easy to tell which companies are registered.

Rest assured that strives to list services only from quality glass shops. For extra peace of mind, when searching for the best windshield repair or replacement company, look for affiliates that use the AGSC badge—this means they are accredited members with the Auto Glass Safety Council. attempts to provide accurate information but cannot be held liable for any information provided or omitted.  You should always work with a licensed, insured and reputable glass shop that can assess your specific needs and local building codes and offer professional services. Never attempt to cut, install, or otherwise work with glass yourself. All content is provided on an informational basis only.

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  • I want to know if the car is made in one state does it reflect in the glass, example,if a cars glass was made in GA and now you are in CA is the window tempered differently, for hot sunny dry weather? I once had to replace a windshield while driving cross country I had it replaced but the insurance company said it needed a darker blue shield in order to get the proper protection from the sun so I had to have it replaced with a windshield adapted for a CA environment.

    • Hi M,

      That’s a great question! Car manufacturers generally do not change the windshields dependent upon where a vehicle will be distributed. However, as you learned during your replacement, there can be multiple options to choose from in the aftermarket- including windshields with a tint strip.

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