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How Leads Work

When you receive a new lead, you will be notified via email that there is a new lead in your account dashboard. The email will contain some information about the customer, but you must log in to your account dashboard in order to view the customer’s full contact info and replacement details. Once you confirm the job in your dashboard, the customer will receive a notification letting them know you will be reaching shorly to schedule the appointment.

Turning Leads Into Jobs

Many of our affiliates have extremely high success rates of turning leads into jobs. But as with all leads, they must be worked properly. Studies shown time and time again that the faster a web lead is followed up with, the higher the conversion rate will be. So in this aspect, it is imperative that leads are followed up with as soon as possible.

For those leads received during normal business hours, it is important that these are followed up with as they come in. Some affiliates leave their dashboard open on their computers all day and check for new leads periodically. If you work in the field, make sure your emails sync to your phone so you can rapidly respond to new service requests.

Many customers book in off-business hours because submitting a request online may be their only option during nights and weekends. Therefore it is important to check for new leads first thing every morning. Our successful affiliates usually begin checking leads before business hours so they can begin making follow up phone calls promptly at 8am.

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