What Are Different Wine Glasses For?

The proper serving of wine is an art to perfect. Every wine connoisseur knows that different wine glasses serve unique purposes for the wine it holds. Knowing these differences will help you enhance the experience of wine sipping for you and your guests.   Anatomy of the Wine Glass A basic lesson on the terminology […]


What is the Best Wine Glass?

The best wine glass will capture the fullness of the wine’s flavor and aroma and allow your taste buds to fully appreciate the wine. Overall, the wine glass is responsible for enhancing the entire experience of wine drinking. Although, it is not easy to choose just one wine glass that is the best. What is considered the best wine glass is different depending on […]


Are Wine Glasses Necessary?

To answer this question, we turn to science. What does the research say, you ask? Well, a study published in the Journal of Wine Research (yes, that is a real thing) conducted by Margaret A. Cliff found that wine glass shape had a significant impact on how wine drinkers perceived the intensity of the flavor […]


What Wine Glasses Do Sommeliers Use?

In any field, experts are the people you turn to for the most trustworthy advice. They are the most knowledgeable in their field and can offer the best recommendations. In the area of wine, sommeliers are the go-to people. Sommeliers are the experts in all things wine.  Beyond their understanding of the wine itself, they […]


How Can You Tell If a Wine Glass Is Crystal?

Crystal has a particular reputation for being the “fancy” version of glass and is typically used for formal tableware on special occasions. So naturally, this might leave you wondering what’s so special about crystal. And for the discerning wine enthusiast, you’ll want to know how to spot a wine glass that’s made of crystal. Glass […]