Glass 101

What is Glass?

Glass is one of the most versatile – and most misunderstood – materials used in the world. Glass can be used for everything from eyeglasses to bottles, windows to the ‘glassphalt’ you find on the road. Discover what makes up glass as a material and the versatile ways it can be used. Read more!


The Versatility of Glass: Why Glass Is Not “Just Glass”

Most people think all glass is the same, but all glass is not created equal. There are literally hundreds of thousands of types of glass, all with unique qualities and performance characteristics. Learn how you can tell the difference at!


The Windshield in My Car Just Broke, What Should I Do?

Did your windshield just break and now you’re not sure what to do? Whether a minor break or crack out of the driver’s viewing area, you need to get it fixed. Discover the steps you need to take to get back on the road again.