Decoding Door Lock Options

Looking at a new front door, or just want to change out your lock? There are a ton of door lock options. In years past, if you wanted extra security you went for a deadbolt. Technology has evolved quite a bit since then. Here’s everything you need to know about door locks and automation. This […]


How to Remove Stickers from Car Windows

  During the past decade bumper stickers have become less and less popular, while the popularity of putting stickers on a car’s backglass has grown tremendously. From stick figure families, to 5K races, and landmarks, these stickers give people a sense if individuality- showing other drivers what they’re passionate about- while at the same time […]


Window Shapes and Sizes Vary Greatly

There are a huge number of window shapes and sizes on the market today, and because they are frequently made to order, windows can be manufactured in just about any look, color or style you can imagine. While the design possibilities are nearly endless, the reality is that most people can’t afford to order windows […]


How to Clean Your Glass Furniture

There is no question that glass furniture, such as a dining table or shelf, looks beautiful in a home. The clean appearance of a glass furniture piece is equally sleek and elegant looking, and the transparency it provides maximizes light and openness in a space. Who doesn’t love that? Of course, furniture comes in contact […]


How Self-Driving Cars Will Impact Society

Picture a world where self-driving cars—or autonomous vehicles—are the norm. The car, not its human occupant, is in full control. Using its various sensors, radars, cameras and GPS devices, it seamlessly navigates from Point A to Point B, communicating with other vehicles and a high-tech roadway infrastructure to get you to your destination safely. This […]

Read More... Visits the Grand Canyon Skywalk

There are few views in America that can top that of the ancient Colorado River carving its way through thousands of feet of stone over millions of years in Arizona. The sight I’m referring to is the Grand Canyon—an immense 277 miles long and up to 18-mile wide geological formation. Seeing this incredible natural wonder […]


Take Three: A Trio of Ongoing Advancements in Auto Glass

“Technology” may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your vehicle’s windshield or sunroof. But there are plenty of exciting developments in auto glass that may shape the way you operate your car in the future. breaks down three of them here. Read more!


How to Save Energy During Cold Weather

The winter months bring lower temperatures – and higher energy bills. One of the biggest sources of heat loss from a home can be around the windows and doors. Here are some winter energy saving tips that should help you save. Read more.


Eight Must-See Adventures in Glass

If you want to combine a love of adventure with a love of glass, there are some must-see spots that tourists everywhere have added to their itinerary. For those ready to take the challenge there are several must-see attractions to add to your future travel plans. See more here!


Cleveland Artist Turns Auto Glass Into Jewelry

After moving into an artists’ loft in Cleveland, Deanna’s car was broken into. Her neighbors told her it was a common occurrence in the area and that broken car glass can be found everywhere in the city. That’s when she decided to start collecting glass for art & jewelry. Learn more.