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How to Stop Mold from Growing in Your Shower

March 1, 2022

Learn what shower mold is, how it spreads, and how you can remove it from your shower enclosure, shower doors, and your bathroom as a whole. Mold can spread, so do not wait to tackle this common issue!

Unique and Luxury Glass Shower Enclosures

March 1, 2022

Want to create a mind-blowing shower that’s both visually impressive and equally luxurious? We’re talking about the kind you see featured on home renovation shows or the ones you drool over on your Pinterest board late at night. Well, has seen a lot of showers and we’ve dissected the elements that it takes to create these ultra-lux glass shower enclosures.

Top Shower Cleaning Tips and Tricks for a Sparkling Clean Bathroom

March 1, 2022

Scrubbing a glass shower enclosure is usually the last thing that people want to tackle when cleaning their home, but there are a lot of good reasons it should always come first. Check out our shower cleaning tips & tricks to get your shower clean and keep it that way!

Shower Glass vs. Shower Curtains

March 1, 2022

Deciding between shower glass and shower curtains can be difficult. We’ll look at the pros and cons of each to help you choose the option that’s best for your bathroom and your budget. Find out more.

How to Keep Your Shower Glass From Fogging

March 1, 2022

Most people prefer your showers steaming hot, not freezing cold. The hot water might feel great on your skin, but the moisture filling the air can be harsh on your bathroom’s finishes. In the long term, excessive moisture in bathrooms can lead to peeling paint, rotting wood, mold, and rusted hardware. In the short term, […]

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Glass Shower Enclosure

March 1, 2022

A new glass shower enclosure can freshen up your bathroom. Check out our top six things to consider when choosing the perfect glass shower enclosure.

What to Do If Your Shower Door Breaks

March 1, 2022

The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a broken shower door. If it breaks, what do you do? Here's a comprehensive guide on why it breaks and what to do. Find out more.

How to Clean Etched Glass Shower Doors

March 1, 2022

Etched glass shower doors add a personal touch to any bathroom. Whether you purchased a house that already had an etched glass shower door or you had one installed, keeping it clean is the best way to maintain your glass and keep your bathroom looking good.

5 Steps to Make an Old Shower Look New Again

March 1, 2022

Bathrooms need lots of attention. Regardless of your budget or the amount of time you have, there are several ways to help make your old shower look new again. Some are quick and easy that you can handle in an hour or two while others will take a little more effort and time. Find out more.

Keeping Your Shower Door Clean With Hydrophobic Coatings

March 1, 2022

Tired of a less-than-perfect shower door? A hydrophobic shower glass coating may be the ticket to a clean and clear shower door. Find out more here and locate a shower glass professional near you.