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Breaking it Down: Choosing the Hardware for your New Shower

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Bathrooms are getting more modern, more decorative and more customized to the homeowner’s styles and preferences every day. These customizations, and incorporation of your tastes and styles, can extend into your shower door hardware and blend into the rest of your bathroom décor.

Starting Over

If you are going through a whole custom bathroom remodel, then undoubtedly, your shower, and the hardware that goes along with it, will be part of the process. Your shower door professional can help you find the options that will work best for you. Go to to find a company near you that can help with your remodel. Professionals there are experts in their trade and ready to help you sort through the options.

Be sure to check out our blog on on how to upgrade your entire shower to one of luxury that your friends and family will drool over.

Custom Shower Hardware Touches

If you aren’t embarking on a full custom shower remodel, there are some updates you can make to your shower door hardware. But when choosing from a variety of options make sure you consider everything in your bathroom so you can create a unified look. For example, the cabinet handles, towel bars, faucet finishes, all can match with your shower door hardware and create an inviting space. If your shower is made of clear glass so all the inside options are viewable at all times, make sure you consider all the finishes on the inside of the shower as well when making your updates. If this is the case you will also want to consider the other elements of the shower that will be visible such as the tile color, etc. and be sure that all of it works together. The same is true if you have a separate tub in the bathroom, you will want to make sure all those components match as well. Again, you want the bathroom accessories to all work together to create a unified space.

Most shower doors can be customized with a variety of track and handle finishes. This includes everything from nickel, bronze, chrome or a variety of other options. Browse to find a shower door professional, and to find ideas, that way you know the look you want to achieve before diving in.

Shower Hardware Color Options

When it comes to color choice try not to get overwhelmed. To narrow down the options, it will help to look at any existing colors that are already in the bathroom that perhaps you will not change.

And when talking to your shower door professional, be specific as to what you are looking for. For example, if you say you want brass finishes they will undoubtedly ask you to choose among brass, satin brass or ultra brass, among others. The same goes for chrome where you can also choose from satin chrome or brushed satin chrome. Did you even know there were so many options? Nickel could be brushed, satin or polished as well. The choices in copper range from brushed, antique brushed or polished. And then you have your regular old black, red, white, or a variety of other colors. Are you confused yet?

Going Frameless with Shower Doors

Reaching the shower knob controls
When designing your new shower make sure everyone in the family can reach the controls to avoid scalding.

Frameless shower doors are a very popular choice right now, and come in different glass thicknesses. Of course there are options to choose from in the hinges as well. The choices will include solid brass and stainless steel and will be available in a variety of finishes. The parts that may be visible could include everything from the thresholds at the bottom of the shower unit to a variety of hinge types to pull handles, brackets and the gaskets and screws that go along with it.

As an aside, if you are designing your new shower, take into account where the water controls are, and how far they are from the entrance into the unit. For example, you don’t want to get soaked with either very cold or very hot water while adjusting the temperature. You want to be able to get to the faucet controls by standing outside the shower at first—no matter how long your arms. Yes, these are all the little things to consider when embarking on any home remodeling project and your shower door professional can help you with all these small details as well.

Barn Doors—in the Shower

Another popular option for shower doors right now is barn doors. They have been an increasing choice for many areas of the home, and their popularity is increasing in the bath. These come with their own set of hardware options as well, many of which will be similar to what was available in frameless also. Often times, this style comes with even less hardware than frameless, so this is another thing to keep in mind when designing your new bath or singular elements you are remodeling in the room. Often the only hardware here is that which come with the top and bottom track or rollers.

Your shower door professional will undoubtedly ask you how minimalist you want to go with your shower, and that will determine how many pieces of hinges and hardware you may need with your unit, whatever the style you choose.

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    1. Hi Valerie,
      Great question! You wouldn’t typically want to use regular cabinet knobs on a shower door due to the moisture levels that the knob will need to endure. Using materials that aren’t meant for wet environments could lead to premature wear, rusting, and staining.

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