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Cincinnati Auto Glass Shops See Business Spike Following Spate of Car Break-ins

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A series of auto thefts targeting residents at Cincinnati, Ohio, apartment complexes has led to a surge in business for local auto glass repair shops.

WLWT 5 in Cincinnati reported a significant number of car break-ins at local apartment complexes recently.

Vinny Bamonte described the aftermath of the break-in to his vehicle, stating, “My driver’s seat and my passenger’s seat were all covered in glass. I’ve been finding glass shards all over. This entire window was actually on the ground.”

Jason Fassler, who owns Jack’s Glass, highlighted the increase in demand for auto glass repair services. “Every day, all day getting calls. ‘Hey, my car got broken into; I need new glass,’” Fassler mentioned. “We used to average maybe one or two a week. Now we’re close to maybe 15 to 20.”

Fassler added that last year, his shop completed 600 more repairs than in the previous year. The surge in car break-ins has continued to boost the shop’s business into January. “I’ve probably done 150, or 100, 150 car door glasses alone at the beginning of the year,” he said.

According to Fassler, police have informed him that the thieves were mainly searching for weapons in the vehicles. Not finding any, they move on to the next vehicle.

See the original news report here.

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