The Case of the Clear Glass Shelving

Question about clear glass shelving:

I am trying to find 58″ glass to be used as shelving that does not have a green or blue tint. In other words, I want clear glass shelves. Can you give me a direction to go when I need either laminated are tempered? The tempered glass shelves I have seen either have a green or blue cast.

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Douglas C.

Answer about clear glass shelving:


Thank you for contacting the Glass Detective with your request for some assistance in choosing a glass type for glass shelving that would not have a blue or green tint to it.

There are now several manufacturers of what is known as low-iron glass which eliminates virtually all of the greenish-blue color associated with ordinary annealed glass. It has been used in furniture applications for many years and is now also commonly being used for architectural (building) purposes as well. Prices are only slightly higher than ordinary glass. It fabricates easily and produces very nice edges when polished or beveled, etc.

The most common low-iron products are Starphire®, Diamont® and Optiwhite® and any good wholesaler, fabricator or glass shop will have this glass in stock or can get it very quickly. Simply ask for low-iron glass and they should tell you which low-iron product they supply. I wish you good fortune with your project and thank you again for contacting the Glass Detective.

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