Gorilla Glass Windshields

By Daniel Snow

Gorilla Tough

The 2017 Ford GT will be the first production car to feature a Corning Gorilla Glass® hybrid windshield. Yes- the same tough-as-nails glass that your cell phone screen might feature is now being used in the automotive world. Corning says that its glass is stronger, lighter, and optically advantaged.

Clear Advantages

When it comes to windshields, being stronger means being safer. A stronger windshield, like the Gorilla Glass windshield, may have the ability to keep detrimental road debris out, and keep passengers in the vehicle cabin if there’s an accident. The lighter weight can not only be advantageous in sports cars like the 647 horsepower Ford GT, where shaving ounces means shaving seconds off lap times, but it is also practical in helping cars be more fuel efficient. As far as optics go, Gorilla Glass plans on more glass being used inside the cockpit- like LED and touch screen displays for the dashboard and controls.

From LG to GT

Gorilla Glass was first used for smartphone screens in 2007, but Corning has shown interest in making the crossover to the automotive market for years. The company has already received a BMW Supplier Innovation Award for the Gorilla Glass used in the BMW i8 as an acoustic glass partition to shield sound from the rear engine. Well, now it’s official. Ford, Corning and PGW have all teamed up to make a Gorilla Glass windshield a reality.

Extreme Glass for an Extreme Machine

Because of the nearly half million dollar price tag of the 2017 Ford GT (which, by its ravishing lines looks to be worth every penny), we hope it is merely the first of many manufacturers to adopt the use of Gorilla Glass for windshields. But if you are one of the 500 extremely lucky people who preordered the car, rest assured that if you take it up to the 216 mile per an hour top speed, your Gorilla Glass windshield should keep you safe from debris (as safe as one can be at 216 mph).

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