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How Much Does It Cost to Convert My Tub into a Shower?

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There are many reasons for wanting to convert your bathtub into a shower. One of the main reasons is a desire for a more modern, crisp and clean look—a look that can be achieved easily with glass. But how much will that cost you? The cost of replacing your tub with a glass shower enclosure varies widely. It’s based upon the current state of your bathroom, specifications of the new shower system and the desired outcome of your remodeling. Here are some considerations that factor into determining your project’s price tag.

DIY or Hire a Professional?

Bathroom repair work

Before we get to the cost, it’s important to decide whether you’re going to do this yourself or hire a professional. This decision will have a major impact on the cost. There are many blogs and videos on the Internet with step-by-step instructions about how to remove bathtubs, replace flooring, lay tile and install different shower enclosures. However, there are also many risks associated with conducting renovation yourself. For example, risks include plumbing complications, choosing incorrect materials for your bathroom specifications and incorrect installation. Handling glass yourself without any prior experience is also unsafe. Check out our blog: Shower Enclosures – Why You Don’t Want to DIY.

Installation issues are of particular concern if dry rot or other forms of deterioration have occurred in and around your tub space. Problems associated with aging bathrooms are best left to the professionals. In order to achieve the bathroom of your dreams, without the stress of potential complications, seeking the assistance of a professional is a necessity. Our experts can help you get connected with shower door installers. These professionals will remodel your bathroom to fit your needs and specifications.

Types of Glass Shower Enclosures

Corner shower door and enclosure

There are many different kinds of shower enclosure designs, each involving different levels of renovation, which impacts the overall cost. On the less expensive end of the cost spectrum, standard bypass shower doors may be incorporated into an existing bathtub system without the removal of any materials or hardware. This door can be fitted along the edge of some tub systems to create the effect of a sliding glass shower door without extra demolition.

Other kinds of shower enclosures, such as hinged and sliding shower doors, require the use of fittings and may require the need for additional tiling work.’s cost estimates for different glass shower doors and enclosures can provide you with a price starting point.

Keep in mind that this cost applies only to the glass and glass installation itself and does not consider the cost of any needed demolitions, plumbing repairs/reconfigurations or any additional materials. The type of material chosen for the shower tiles can have a major impact on cost.

Shower stall kits are another bathroom remodeling option. Kits include many of the components required to convert a tub into a shower. These kits range in price from $200 to $2000 based upon options chosen and accessories desired.

Types of Shower Enclosure Materials

Hinged Shower door

Many different materials and hardware exist on the market for all of your remodeling wants and needs. All of these options have different price points based upon the new bathroom elements that you wish to incorporate in your design. The functionality and style determine costs of various pieces of your project when replacing materials and hardware in your bathroom. For example, installing a glass shower enclosure involves not only the cost of the glass lites that you use. It also involves the various hardware components that attach the glass to the surrounding walls and, potentially, your ceiling. The tile materials used to tile and protect your bathroom wall, such as granite, marble or stone, can create an amazing visual impact in your bathroom. However, this will impact the overall cost of your shower upgrade.

Where is Your Glass Shower Going?

Walk-in shower
Bath screens do not completely enclose the shower area.

Many replacement projects involve the removal of bathtub elements. The remaining elements are then adapted into a new shower design as new materials are built upon or around existing ones. For some types of shower enclosures, such as the incorporation of curved glass paneling or for custom shower designs, shower relocation may be necessary. This will add on to the cost of your remodeling due to the additional construction and plumbing work required for the relocation. Each shower relocation is unique, making general price estimation difficult.

The price points included in this post are approximate and may not apply to your unique project.

More Information on Glass and Mirrors

If you’re interested in learning more about shower doors and other types of glass, check out the Info Center. In the market for a new shower door?

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  1. We just had someone quote us $17,000 for a tub to walk in shower conversion. Told us that we had to have one inch thick glass doors, tempered glass, of course. We aren’t doing anything fancy. Acrylic walls, new pan, new shower unit.. Corner shelves and foot bar. This price sounds quite high to us.

    1. way to high … I’m having contractors come in, the first one quoted $8,400 and would do it for $7200 if I went with his company then. I’m guessing other companies will come in similarly.

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