The Case of the Counterfeit Glass

Question regarding counterfeit glass:


I have a glass panel that arrived snapped in half inside its carton. This was mean to be toughened safety glass, but I thought that always shattered?? Is someone selling me dodgy glass?

Jay T.
-New Zealand

Answer regarding counterfeit glass:

Dear Jay,

Thank you for contacting the Glass Detective regarding your request for some help in determining whether or not a piece of glass you received broken could possibly be toughened (tempered) safety glass given the manner in which it was broken. A quick response, without seeing any pictures of the broken glass or knowing the exact specifications for the glass you purchased is NO. A broken piece of glass with a crack in and across the middle (and no other cracking or breaking from that primary or initial crack, could not have been a piece of toughened/tempered glass. This break is not consistent with how a piece of toughened/tempered glass would break. As for your question about whether or not someone is selling you “dodgy glass”, unless there is something lost in interpretation in what you sent me, my answer is “It certainly looks that way.” I hope this is of some help to you and thank you again for reaching out to the Glass Detective.

Although backed by decades of experience, the Glass Detective cannot be held liable for any damages resulting from his views and opinions. In many cases, the ability to provide a precise answer is limited due to lack of first-hand inspection of the presented situation.

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