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If you’re looking for glass, you’ve come to the right place! is the leading resource for anything and everything glass-related.

What is

bent-glass is a portal about all things glass including auto, residential, and architectural glass as well as related glass products such as tabletops, shower doors, mirrors, windows, window film, and more. It provides information to consumers and offers referrals to quality glass service providers throughout the United States.

Who is

The founders of, Debra Levy and Lyle Hill, have over half a century of combined experience in the industry.

Lyle Hill, Founder

Hill has worked across the country in a variety of areas of the glass industry ranging from manufacturing to dealing and everything in between.

Debra Levy, Founder

Levy began her journey by publishing successful trade magazines for nearly every sector of the glass industry and hosting glass trade show events for industry suppliers as well. This created deeply rooted connections with glass shops across the nation.

Daniel Snow, Operations Manager

Operations manager, Daniel Snow became a part of the team even before the website launched and is integral in dealing with all aspects of operation as the site continues to grow.

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Why Was Started?

As these relationships with glass shops were cultivated, dialog about the industry began and one thing was clear-as-glass:

There was a disconnect between consumer’s expectations and the reality of glass replacement options and processes. There is also a log of glass “misinformation” online. That’s when the idea of creating an informational resource to educate consumers was realized.

Through involvement in the industry, it also became apparent that there are a significant percentage of “glass shops” who performed poor work. This at the very least left consumers frustrated, but often times even left their safety in danger.

It was hard to ignore this injustice, and Levy helped to start the only organization in North America that promotes safe auto glass installation practices, and helped to develop nationally registered standards concerning the matter. Stemming from that came the idea of providing consumers with resource they could consult to find accurate information, and safe and accurate installers.

Who are Affiliates? Affiliates are glass shops across the nation who have become a part of our group of associated companies. These glass shops range from national or regional chains with multiple locations who often have around-the-clock call centers and professionally managed corporate offices. Other Affiliates may have a single location local to your area, but still provide excellent service.

We take customer’s experiences very seriously and strive to only provide quality Affiliates who will do the job right the first time at a fair price.

I’d Like More Information About a Certain Types of Glass—Where Do I Go?

The Info Center houses blogs addressing nearly every type of glass and covers all sorts of in-depth glass-related topics. Browse the different categories to find information on topics ranging from Auto Glass to Lifestyle, and anything glass-related in between. If you need information on a particular subject, use the search bar to find blogs featuring certain terms.

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Answers to Your Glass-Specific Questions

Not seeing what you need? Not a problem. Our in-house Glass Detective has been in the field for over 40 years and has knowledge in just about every area of glass. Simply submit your question and he will send you a personal response.

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I Need Replacement Glass. How Do I Get It?

From our home page, simply select which type of glass you’re searching for. This can be auto glass, mirrors, table tops and furniture, windows and doors, shower doors, storefronts, custom services, or national programs.

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When You Need Auto Glass

If you select auto glass, you will be asked to provide details about your vehicle and which piece of glass needs to be replaced. Then, you will be provided with price quotes from local companies in your area. Please note that this is the base price for a replacement. It includes the cost of a standard windshield and labor. The price may adjust depending on what options your vehicle is equipped with and if any additional materials are required.

On the price quote page, you can look at the details of the shops providing the price quotes by clicking the “Learn More” button. This will take you to a page that provides a description of the company, a map of where it is located, the phone number, website, and operating hours.

Once you have found a shop that is to your liking, simply click “Book Now” and fill in your information. Not all fields are required, but the more information you are able to provide, the easier it will be for the glass shop to assist you. A phone number is not necessary, but it will give the fastest response time and allow the shop to reach you with any questions. Your information will only be given to the shop, and not used for any other purposes.

If you do not receive an instant quote, we have not yet assigned your work to an affiliate in your area. Not to worry! We still have connections with shops all over the country and will find a local company to serve you. Simply fill out and submit the details about you and your vehicle.

That’s it! Once you submit the service request, you will receive a confirmation email. If you booked through one of our affiliates, you will receive another email confirmation when they have viewed your request.

Other Types of Glass

For all glass other than auto glass, we will personally handle your request. Depending on the type of glass you are searching for, we will work to match you up with a business in your area who is able to complete the job. Some glass shops only offer certain services. And some glass shops are better than others. So leave it up to us to find the perfect match for you!

The process for submitting a service request for these other types of glass is simple and easy- just like it is for auto glass. Fill out and submit your contact info and a description of what you need. You’ll then receive a confirmation email and the shop will reach out shortly.

How Long Will It Take?

How long it will take between when you submit a request and when the shop reaches out to you may depend on many factors:

Did you provide accurate contact information—email address, name, phone number, zip code?
Making sure this information is complete and accurate will help us process your request faster.

Did you submit your request outside of normal business hours?
Our offices are open 8am to 5pm eastern standard time. And our affiliate’s hours vary by location (which can be viewed on their profile page). You should receive a response to your request within four business hours.

Did you submit your request on a weekend or holiday?
Our offices are open Monday through Friday and are closed for government holidays. You might not receive a response to your request until the next business day.

We always work to provide you with the highest level of service by processing your requests promptly. Having broken glass in your car, home or office is something that needs to be addressed quickly!

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What Can I Expect During My Replacement?

Once your request has been submitted to our affiliate, or another local shop, they’ll handle things from there. From scheduling to billing and warranties, our affiliates will address your needs directly. So contact them directly with any questions related to these items. But keep in mind, the customer service team is always here should you need any additional assistance.

Thank You

We thank you for using as we are passionate about making the glass replacement process easy, understandable and convenient for everyday consumers just like you. We also value your feedback. If you have any suggestions, or would like to get in touch with us for any other reason, just shoot and email to

Read More attempts to provide accurate information but cannot be held liable for any information provided or omitted.  You should always work with a licensed, insured and reputable glass shop that can assess your specific needs and local building codes and offer professional services. Never attempt to cut, install, or otherwise work with glass yourself. All content is provided on an informational basis only.

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2 responses to “ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)”

  1. I had auto body work done to fix a bumper on my car. When I received my car back there were tiny cuts in my windshield and i various areas on my windows, outside and inside. Majority of the ones on the inside were on my drivers side inside window. The shop claims they are rock nicks that they see all the time. These are not rocks nicks. They would not comment when I questioned how that occurs on the inside windows. It was asked if they perform sandblasting and they said no. I also have paint chips on the body of my car. What would cause the small deep cuts in my glass?

    • Hi KK,
      Glass will typically accumulate nicks and scratches over time since it acts as a protective barrier between the inside of the vehicle and the elements outside. Some windshields may even “sparkle” in direct sunlight because of all the tiny chips they accumulate. It can be extremely hard to pinpoint when and where the damage originated from. That being said, deep scratches on the inside of a vehicle are not as common. A number of materials can scratch glass- basically anything that is harder than glass. This would include things made of steel. Sometimes windows have window film tint applied to the interior of the glass which will scratch much more easily than the glass itself, but can be replaced more easily as well.

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