A type of security glass, hurricane-resistant glass and the accompanying components that make up the glazing system (window or door) are designed to withstand the high winds and high-velocity projectiles associated with hurricanes.

Like bullet-resistant glass, hurricane resistant glass starts with laminated glass and can be set in a frame that is also designed to be stronger and withstand the elements. The glass and frame system can also be part of a bigger system that is anchored into the wall.

Hurricane resistant glazing is meant to help protect the interior of a building from the high winds, strong rain and projectiles that form when a hurricane makes landfall. If a window or door is breached during a hurricane, wind and rain can penetrate the building and cause structural damage to the building. Hurricane resistant glazing is frequently measured against the Miami-Dade County Hurricane Code, considered by the building industry to be one of the most stringent in the nation.

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