What is Building Code Law on Entry Doors?


Is there a building code or law regarding commercial entry doors and the type of glass in Washington DC (or similar)? Can you use tempered glass, laminated glass or laminated tempered glass for this application?




Every jurisdiction in the country has some form of building code that applies to almost all building components including glass. Commercial entry doors are covered by the International Building Code (IBC) and may be covered by building codes unique to the municipality in which you are working. Other codes or regulations that may have been adopted in addition to the IBC. While it is rare, it does occur from time to time. Your glazier professional will also know the codes in your locality. As for your “door glazing” question, tempered or laminated glass that meet or exceed ANSI Z97.1 testing requirements will work (unless the doors are fire rated doors). I suggest you talk to your local glass dealer for verification of product selection and proper labeling of the products you intend to use.

-Glass Detective

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