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Are you crazed this last week before Christmas trying to get all shopping done, cookies baked and cards mailed? Well, I can help with at least one of these.

In fact, as the resident girl geek over here at and USGlass magazine, I’d be happy to share some great last minute glass gift ideas with you…glass gifts. All of them involve glass in rather unique applications. Other than having bought a few to try them out, I am sharing just because I liked them. Maybe you will too. Happy shopping and best wishes for a happy holiday season:

For Truly Transparent Emails:

…They are yours to create with the glass touch waterproof keyboard. It’s ultra-thin and made of tempered glass and aluminum. It’s also backlit so you can see the letters easily. Works with both Macs and PCs. What glass fan could resist? $129.99. Twitter: @sharperimage, or more info.


For the Traditionalist:

Decorate your Christmas trees with ornaments that are each a work of art. In fact, we bought some of these beautiful works of art ourselves for the Christmas tree this year. Plus you’ll learn something about each artist and why they created the ornament. A fun way to decorate the tree—but not cheap. Ornaments average in the $35 range and each is exquisite. Twitter: @theartfulhome, or more info.


For Those Blowin’ in the Wind:

From the mountains of Northern Bali comes a gift that will delight both the eyes and the ears. These wind chimes are made of delicate cut glass to form a rainbow of color that has soothing and beautiful sound. We’ve had them hung outside our offices for the past two weeks and they’ve held up great… greeting me each morning with a soft symphony to start the day. $39. Twitter: @natgeostore, or more info.


For the Auto Glass Installer Who Can’t Leave Go:

This glass gift is a must. Rather than replacing a windshield, you can drink from it. These beer glasses are made in Columbia from recycled windshields—one look at the tint and imperfections and you’ll see recycling at its best. Over the years, we’ve bought the beer mugs and the tumblers as novelties. Indeed this supplier sells them until they run out. But a word of caution, they are not lightweights as the glasses are a bit on the heavy side. But when you are used to lifting whole windshields, it’s a non-issue. Set of two $32. Twitter: @uncommongoods, or more info.


For When Baby It’s Cold Inside:

You can warm it up with this fireplace made sophisticated and stylish by a certain clear and modern material. It’s a romantic tabletop fireplace that runs for up to three hours but won’t smoke or burn, and it comes in a great selection of colors. $189.99. Twitter: @sharperimage, or more info.


Got a favorite unique glass gift? Please let me know about it by emailing [email protected].

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Debra Levy

Debra Levy owns Key Media & Research (KMR), to which Inc. is a sister company. KRM produces industry publications such as USGlass magazine, Door & Window Market magazine, Architect’s Guide to Glass magazine, Auto Glass Repair & Replacement (AGRR), Auto Glass Journal and Window Film magazines. Additionally, it produces email newsletters, hosts industry trade show events, and publishes industry research studies. Levy obtained a Masters in Science from Southern New Hampshire University with a focus in Community Economics. She sits on a number of industry committee boards for glass safety standards. Additionally, Levy often writes and speaks for industry outlets.

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  1. All the ideas are awesome, especially table top fire place. I just loved it and I will be using it on christmas as a gift for my friends and family

    thanks for generating this content Debra

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