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How Much Does an Interior Glass Door Cost?

The Case of the Bedroom Budget Door


Dear Glass Detective,

We live in a condo. A hallway leads to our bedroom door.  I would like the door to be glass because the bedroom has tall glass windows facing the backside of the door. It would be great if the light could enter through the door, lightening up the hall as well. The door itself measures 8 feet tall and 33 inches wide. The molding around the existing door can stay, or if it is more prudent to replace it, we can consider that. I am hoping that the door will not exceed $500 including installation. Is this being unrealistic? We prefer the trim to be painted aluminum or oak, with mullions (shoji type separations) in the glass.

Thank you,

Beatrice C.


Interior glass bedroom door


Dear Beatrice,

Thank you for making contact with the Glass Detective with your question as to whether or not a budget that you have established for a door replacement project sounds realistic. I can certainly appreciate your want for a glass door for the bedroom in your condo. I think glass is just as excellent a choice for a building material inside as it is outside, and should be used whenever possible. It helps to make spaces feel larger, more open, and as you mention, brighter by letting light pass from room to room.

The Glass Detective does not actually offer any estimating/pricing services because prices vary greatly across the country. Product availability, workloads, as well as some seasonality concerns, cause pricing variations that are hard to keep up with on a national level. However, you can use our site,, to locate a local provider in your area and request a quote conveniently using our online tool.

In general though, I think it is safe to say that a glass door in the size you are suggesting, including even a minimal amount of hardware, could be quite a bit more than the amount you are budgeting. The tall height of the door, material, and features (mullions) increase the cost. This being said, there are all kinds of doors (with glass) at all kinds of price points and you should be able to get something in your price range that would work. The material of the door, the brand, the dimensions of the glass insert, and the type of glass used in the insert can all be adjusted to decrease the overall cost of the door.

You will want to consult with local building codes, but you will likely need a door with tempered safety glass. Tempered glass is approximately five times stronger than regular glass and if it happens to break, it breaks into relatively small, rounded pieces of glass. This way if someone were to accidentally bump into the door, the risk of serious injury is decreased. You may also want to consider a door featuring frosted glass, or another pattern. A frosted glass door will still allow light to pass through, but will also allow for privacy. Other privacy options are available too such as patterned glass or etched glass.

I am going to suggest that you talk with a reputable home remodeler in your area and get some ideas as to what might work. A good remodeler will have a source for glass and between them, maybe we will both be surprised at how far your budget might take you. Go to and submit your request for a local quote to get in touch with someone today.

I truly hope this response is of some value to you and on behalf of the Glass Detective, we wish you well with your glass door project.

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