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How To Choose The Best Exterior Windshield Cover

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If you are one of the many vehicle owners not presently using a car windshield cover, it may be time to consider it. A car windshield cover is quickly becoming one of the most-used vehicle protection accessories, as windshield replacement costs continue to grow. Keep reading to find out what a windshield cover can do to protect your car, how to use them, how to find the right one for your vehicle, and which ones are the best on the market.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Car Windshield Cover?

A car windshield cover is a product that you place on the outside of your vehicle’s windshield to provide a layer of protection to the glass.

Compared to the vehicle’s body, the windshield‘s composition of glass makes it the part of your vehicle that is most susceptible to damage while parked. Any severe damage to the windshield will render your vehicle unsafe until it is replaced, which is a costly measure you will want to avoid.

An exterior windshield cover is primarily used to keep snow and ice off the windshield in the winter. In addition, it protects the dashboard and interior from being damaged by the sun’s UV rays, helping to maintain the integrity of those components. In the summer it can help keep your vehicle’s temperature comfortable. It can also be used during storms to provide a layer of protection against debris.

When/How Do I Use A Windshield Cover?

There isn’t a wrong time to use a windshield cover. It is a relatively easy product to use and can help protect your windshield any time it is used. In addition, most covers are lightweight, install quickly and fold away to minimize their space in your vehicle. A few scenarios are best suited for the use of a windshield cover, and they are listed below.

Sunny Days

Heat and Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can harm your vehicle in many ways. First, the excess heat will raise the internal temperature of your car to uncomfortable and potentially dangerous levels, which may cause things to melt and seatbelt buckles to become hazardous.

Meanwhile, prolonged exposure to UV rays will damage and discolor your dashboard, steering wheel, and seats. A windshield cover can significantly reduce the temperature of a sitting vehicle. It may also prevent damage to your interior from UV rays.

Before A Storm

When warning messages regarding a significant storm are announced, it can be an excellent move to cover your windshield. Falling debris, heavy rain, hail, or pieces of tree branches can cause expensive scratches, chips, or even cracks to your windshield.

Combating Winter Weather

Anyone who has ever parked outside during a winter storm is well aware of the difficulty of scraping snow and ice from a car windshield. Excess ice scraping combined with the low temperatures required to create that ice can leave scratches, chips, or even shatter windshields.

You don’t have to wait for a full-on snowstorm though. Using a windshield cover on a daily basis during the winter can help eliminate morning frost.

Using a windshield cover in the winter can reduce the time it takes to get your vehicle ready to use, saving you money in ‘car warm-up” time while also helping to prolong the life of your windshield.

What Type Of Windshield Covers Are Out There?

Like any aftermarket automotive accessory, there are many exterior windshield covers on the market. However, sizes vary from ones designed for compact-midsize cars to those intended for SUVs and trucks. Therefore, it is crucial to measure the dimensions of your windshield before you purchase one.

Some of the windshield protectors on the market offer a bare-bones level of protection, literally a covering for the glass. Lower-end products may be made of plastic, PVC, or other thin materials and likely attach to the vehicle with a string.

Higher quality models will likely have a layer of insulation or padding, adding a cushioning level of protection to the windshield. Many models also incorporate a cover for side mirrors, which is often combined to make the connection point for the cover, making them an ideal windshield cover for frost. Magnetic windshield covers make for a quick and easy installation.

What Are The Best Windshield Covers Available?

Here are a few of the ones we like:

This cover is designed to stand up to all different types of weather. It is made from durable polyester and includes a heat-trapping thermal shield. The thick material also helps to protect from UV rays.

This product attaches with side security panels and straps for your side mirror, giving you a reliable fit. Amazon customers rated this the top option in windshield covers, likely based on the product’s quality compared to the price.

This product is designed for use in all seasons. The waterproof material helps protect your windshield from all types of precipitation. The exterior is smooth to the touch, offering excellent protection without the risk of scratching your windshield. With a weight of just 1,1 pounds, installation and storage is quick and easy.

Measuring 83 inches by 49.2 inches, this extra-large cover provides a universal fit, allowing use on most cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans. This product attaches to the vehicle via a series of magnets and elastic straps, making it easy to install and provides excellent stability in most weather. It is a double-sided product constructed for use in both winter and summer.

The winter side of this windshield protector works to absorb heat, which prevents the buildup of ice and snow. Flip it over, and the summer side will reflect heat, which helps to keep your vehicle cool.

The lightweight polyester installs and stores easily, and the straps and magnet combination offers stability against most windy storms. When folded for storage, the product weighs less than 1 pound and measures only 5.5 inches by 4.5 inches. It comes with installation instructions and a handy storage bag.

This cover has been designed with high-density material and covered with a soft cotton bottom layer, helping to protect your cars’ windshield and paint job. It utilizes a three-way attachment system, which includes magnets, straps, and flaps. Together they should keep the cover secure through nearly all types of inclement weather. The high-density material also helps to provide UV protection. It is designed to be waterproof, windproof, frost-proof, and keep your windshield ice-free.

At 61 inches by 52 inches, this is one of the more oversized covers. This cover fits most vehicles, including trucks, vans, and SUVs. In addition, the multi-layer design helps to protect from precipitation, water, and debris. Yet, it still can fit into a storage bag that fits in a standard glove compartment.

This cover comes in two different sizes, making it suitable for most vehicles. It is also available in 4 different designs, helping to suit you and your car’s personality. This model is equipped with straps and fabric flaps to help keep the product secured to your vehicle. In addition, it is designed to protect your windshield, side mirrors, and wipers, which will make your winter clean-off a much shorter process.

The PVC lining on this cover helps keep moisture off the windshield while also protecting it from harmful UV rays. This makes it an ideal windshield cover for frost. Mirror straps and tuck-in side panel flaps provide further window protection and aid in anti-theft by helping to keep the vehicle safer from break-ins. This lightweight product installs quickly and folds for easy storage.

This magnetic windshield cover is one of the larger models available, providing a universal fit for nearly every vehicle. The durable and lightweight polyester is an ice, snow, and moisture-resistant material. At the same time, the fabric-covered magnets help keep the cover in place during the windiest weather without scratching the vehicle’s finish.

The magnetic windshield cover should stay put against whatever nature decides to throw at it. It’s designed with exterior tie flaps and security flaps for inside the door.

Despite its extra-large size, the magnetic windshield cover weighs a mere 8 ounces, making for easy storage. It is also the only product on this list with a 30-day money-back guarantee when purchased through Amazon, which deserves consideration.

Remembering to Use Your Car Windshield Cover

All of the windshield covers above are great choices. The most important factor is to choose a windshield cover that you will want to use. Make winter warm up’s a cinch and keep your car protected during storms by making it a habit to use the windshield cover on a regular basis.

Do you have a windshield cover for your vehicle? If so, how has it helped protect your vehicle? Let us know in the comments section below!

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