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 Continued Member Benefits

  • You only pay when you receive leads. If we aren’t performing, you aren’t paying.
  • No need to purchase zip codes. Cover as many service areas as you wish for no additional cost.
  • No contracts- free to cancel at any time, with one month’s notice.
  • You have the option of keeping your current program or converting to the new program.

 Common Affiliate FAQs:

Q: Can I receive a report of the previous month’s indirect leads to my profile?
A: Yes*, we would be happy to provide a report of the breakdown showing how many calls, clicks, and navigation requests your profile received.
Q: I’m interested in becoming an Auto Glass Safety Council Registered Member Company. How do I get started?
A: Information regarding membership with the Auto Glass Safety Council can be found at

*To receive a copy of your report, or for any additional questions please email us at

What’s in Development

We are currently wrapping up improvements in the auto glass module. Updates will be coming in the next few weeks. We will post an announcement with more details on the Dashboard homepage when they are complete.

What’s in Store

Plans for Early 2018 include expansion into other markets such as doors and windows. These will be developed similarly to the auto glass module.

Do You Offer Door and Window Services?

If so, let us know via email so we can send referrals now. We will also be conducting focus groups in order to tailor our doors and windows section to what companies need. would love to hear your feedback and will be offering free leads to those who participate!

Simply email or give us a call at 888-85-GLASS.

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