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Steps to Making that Luxury Shower a Reality

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When it comes to luxurious bathrooms, many homeowners, myself included, fantasize about the ultimate shower. I dream of ditching my small closet-sized stall for the ones in those upscale hotel rooms or the ones you see on TV … the ones where at least five of my current models could fit inside one of those dream showers, and where several shower heads are streaming hot water from all directions. So if you have also fantasized about installing a luxury shower, here are a few tips for how to go about that transformation.

Luxury Showers: Where to Start

When entering into a project such as this, hopefully, you know that this remodel is going to come with a significant price tag. The national average cost to install a shower is $3,372. The typical range is $1,193 – $5,585, with a high-end upgrade coming in at almost $10,000. Ultimately it all depends on how grand you want to go.

Walking into Luxury

Many of these high-end showers are described as a walk-in shower. Typically, they are not enclosed, and there is no door to open or steps to walk over. The shower floor is graded towards a drain to keep the water from pouring into the rest of the bathroom. It can be enclosed by some type of divider which is often a single glass panel. Sometimes, however there is a door and this is often made of glass as it is easy to clean and works well with the space.

A less expensive model could include a prefabricated shower unit that includes three walls and a base pan. These are typically made up of fiberglass, come in different sizes and require assembly.

Now that you know the basics of what makes a luxury shower, it’s time to get into the details.

1. Consider the shower size.

Chances are pretty good that you are tearing down a small existing shower and adding a better, larger one. First, determine how much space you have and how large you want to go. So get out your tape measure, as when you start talking to glass shops for a quote they will undoubtedly ask you for specifics related to space.

Modern Luxury Shower

2. Consider how to set up the shower space.

For example, do you want a seating area and/or a cut out for shower items, such as soap and shampoo? The latter is always a good choice so water doesn’t get to those items you store in the shower, creating opportunities for mold to grow.

Luxury Tile Shower

3. Go frameless.

Many walk-in showers are frameless which allows for flat surfaces, meaning less grime to clean. If I ever get my luxury shower that is my number one item on the wish list–no crevices to clean constantly. And speaking of easy cleaning, look for products that offer a hydrophobic coating as these were designed to repel water on the glass. This will make cleaning the glass easy as products such as these will resist soap scum and grime.

Frameless Shower Design

4. Get steamy.

Steam showers are a new category companies involved in bathroom remodeling are marketing toward homeowners. Basically, this is a room with a steam generator and a tight door that prevents vapor from escaping. Here is where a material such as glass is a good choice because the steam won’t cling to that type of wall. If you go with the steam shower you definitely want a seat so you can relax and enjoy! And when you opt for no steam, this can also be used as a “regular shower” that utilizes multiple shower heads.

water on glass

5. Go custom.

There are a ton of custom options you can add to your shower. This could include etched glass, stone, marble or tile walls, the list goes on. And of course there is the hardware that can be matched to go with the other items in your bathroom including the cabinets. So from brushed nickel to a satin finish, finding a cohesive theme is definitely easy to execute.

custom shower door installation

6. Choose your shower colors.

Experts say a neutral light color palette can keep things feeling bright, and these fit in well with the ever-popular modern and contemporary designs of today.

Luxury Shower Colors

7. Make sure it’s durable.

When spending your hard-earned money on a shower upgrade make sure you are choosing materials that resist wear and tear well.

Durable Luxury Shower

8. Consider shower safety.

You will have so much space in your new shower, you may just feel the need to dance. So while doing so make sure your surface is not slippery so you don’t fall in your new environment.

Who Do You Hire to Create Your Custom Shower?


With a custom project like this one, you won’t be doing this yourself. Hire a respectable contractor, specifically one who has experience in this area.® is the best place to start. We have many informational resources to help you answer those important questions above. And when it comes time to chat with an installation specialist, we can connect you with a reputable company in your area.

Once you go over your design and are ready to choose your company, make sure you get a firm idea of two things: cost and timing. You definitely don’t want your bathroom being tied up for a long period of time so ask exactly how long it will take.

Good luck on your new luxury shower…don’t stay in there too long! Then again…

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