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How to Install a Glass Whiteboard

Man installing a markerboard
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Opportunities to add new products and services are all around—you just have to know where to look. And for small fabricators one area that offers a lot of potential is in magnetic glass markerboards. By offering these products, your company can help businesses in your area add a unique aesthetic to their office interiors, while also generating income for you.

A Unique Installation

In January 2016®, relocated to a new, larger office space in Stafford, Va. One unique feature of the new facility is a large, open conference area located directly off the kitchen space. This space is used for a number of company events, such as meetings and planning sessions as well as social activities. There is also a large, closed conference room area used for activities such as trainings and staff meetings. Custom magnetic glass markerboards were recently installed in both these areas to bring a colorful, functional aesthetic to the space.

How We Did It

Finished Maroon Markerboard
The markerboard in the conference room was painted to match the conference table.



Finished Blue Markerboard
The open area markerboard was painted blue to match the glass dishes in the kitchen.

These markerboards were fabricated from 3/16-inch clear tempered glass. The one in the open area was painted blue (to match the color of the glass dishes in the office) and the one in the closed conference room is maroon (to match the conference table). Painted glass was glued to a thin piece of steel and then wrapped it in a clear aluminum “J” bar as a frame.

Daniel Snow, operations manager of the® website, handled the markerboard installation. Here are some step-by-step installation tips from Snow. Use a professional, but here’s what Snow did.

markerboard installation
Daniel Snow,™ operations manager, handled installation of the markerboards.

Step By Step

  1. Mark off the height of the bottom of where the glass markerboard will be positioned on the wall.
  2. Find the wall studs along this line and mark.
  3. Find the center of the wall and mark.
  4. Find the center of the bottom bracket and mark.
  5. Align the center mark on the wall with the center mark on the bottom bracket and use a level to align the bottom bracket while holding it against the wall.
  6. Mark off the bracket’s pre-drilled holes on the wall with a pencil. Set bottom bracket aside.
  7. Pre-drill the holes, except where the studs are located. If necessary, pre-drill at least two additional holes into the bottom bracket where these studs are located.
  8. Insert drywall anchors into all holes except those where the studs are.
  9. Mount the bottom bracket, using 2-inch sheet metal screws where the studs are and drywall anchor screws in the rest.
  10. Using a caulk gun, apply silver dollar sized dollops of an appropriate adhesive, equally spaced, approximately 4-inches apart, across the back of the markerboard.
  11. Using suction cups, lift the marker board and set the bottom edge inside the bottom bracket’s channel.
  12. Have one person hold the markerboard in place while another runs a small line of adhesive inside the channels of the side and top frame pieces.
  13. Place top and side frame pieces.
  14. Press the markerboard against the wall and smack gently with an open palm.
  15. Brace the markerboard to keep it pressed against the wall while the adhesive dries (we used a ladder with a box of flooring on it as weight).
  16. Adjust the side and top frame pieces so that all corners line up evenly.
  17. Tape them in place.
  18. Allow 24 hours to set.
  19. Remove brace then remove tape.
  20. Remove any excess adhesive with a razor and clean the glass.
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