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Updated January 2024

Dear Affiliate,

We thank you for being a customer and appreciate your continued service to the consumers seeking glass replacement through 2023 was a year of growth for many of you, and we look forward to being a part of that continued growth journey with you in 2024. itself experienced tremendous growth over the past year, with lead volume increases of more than 100%. More volume translates into more jobs and increased revenue for you, our affiliates. 

Due to this growth, we have found it necessary to streamline practices and procedures. Therefore, we have updated our Credit Guidelines in an effort to ensure that guidelines are standardized and that instructions to submit requests are clear and concise. Please utilize this guide as a reference if you believe you have a lead that may qualifty for credit.


Daniel Snow
Vice President of Operations


To receive a credit, the responsibility lies on the Affiliate to make a request and provide accurate information. reserves the right to deny credit requests for any reason, including if inaccurate, incomplete, or false information is provided.

Overall, the best advice we can give in order to maximize the return on your investment is to concentrate on closing leads by contacting them quickly.  Studies show that leads responded to within 5 minutes are 100x more likely to connect and 26x more likely to close. Use the timestamp information in your Lead Dashboard to track when the lead is received vs. when the lead is viewed.

We suggest you follow up via calls, email, and text messages. Customers who book through are the type of customers that may be more adept at non-verbal communication.

Please Note

Any credit requests for customers contacted more than 4 business hours after the lead was received will be denied automatically, regardless of the reason for a credit request.
All requests will be reviewed and investigated thoroughly by our team. From time to time, requests may be denied. Final decisions rest with
Any falsely submitted credit requests for leads that were serviced are grounds for immediate account suspension or closure, or automatic denial of future lead credit requests.  

Credit Request Reasons

    This applies if the part is not available to you at all. ​If the part is available through Pilkington, Mygrant, PGW, etc., the lead will not be credited.
    1. If a part has delayed delivery, this is not a qualifying reason for credit.​
    2. When requesting credit for an obsolete or unavailable part you must provide the following two details for to consider a credit:
      1. The lead number
      2. The vehicle VIN #
      3. The relevant part #
    3. The part must truly be obsolete or unavailable.
    4. Available parts for antique vehicles will not qualify.
    5. Customers requesting OEM glass do not qualify.
    1. If a customer sends more than one request for the same vehicle and the same piece of glass, we will credit one lead.
    2. Customers who book different vehicles or multiple pieces of glass for the same vehicle do not qualify as duplicates.
    3. When requesting credit for a duplicate ​you must provide us with the lead number​ of both the original lead and the duplicate lead.
    1. You are in control of your service coverage area and the services that your company provides. You can edit these at any time within the “Zip codes” section of your account dashboard. Zip codes can be added or removed at any time.
      1. For this reason, “outside service area” credits will not be issued unless it’s due to a programming/website glitch.
      2. If such an error occurs, when requesting credit for an “out of service area” lead, you must provide:
        1. The lead ID number
        2. The zip code in question
        3. The service requested
      3. This credit reason only applies when the client/vehicle is located outside the markets that you serve.
      4. If you service the area, but it is not listed on, a credit will not be issued.

If you need assistance with editing your service area, please call or email Daniel Snow at 540.602.3267 /

    Chip repair, lens cover, side mirrors, sunroof replacement, etc.
    1. Replacements on antique vehicles do not qualify for credit.
    2. When requesting credits under this criteria, provide the following:
      1. Lead ID number
      2. The service that was requested by the customer
    3. Credits will not be issued if any type of paid service was or will be provided to the customer.
    4. This credit reason applies to the service types only, not timing.
      1. We do not offer credit for customers that want same-day or next-day service.
      2. We do not offer credits for customers that are looking to have the work done at a later date.
        For example, someone who is planning to have a replacement done in a month or two. It is your responsibility to keep in contact with this valid customer.
    Fake contact information: a non-working phone number or wrong phone number and email address.
    Note: this does not cover customers that are unresponsive to contact. This only covers truly fake leads.
    1. Customers must be contacted via phone/text and email to qualify as bogus.
    2. When requesting credits for “bogus orders” you must provide the following:
      1. Lead ID number
      2. The reason you qualify the order as “bogus”
    1. You are in control of, and responsible for, setting your pricing. Pricing can be adjusted within your account dashboard at any time by editing the “Companies” section.
      1. For this reason, we do not issue credits for wrong pricing unless the part quoted is incorrect and:
      2. When there is a greater than $200 difference between the customer’s quote and your final price (minus taxes and moldings) and you’re unable to sell the customer, we may issue you credit for the lead.
      3. Price differences because of taxes and/or molding do not fall into this criteria.
    2. When requesting credit for the wrong price, you must include:
      1. The customer’s initial price quote
      2. The final quote you provided to the customer prior to taxes and/or molding.
      3. The vehicle’s VIN number
      4. The part number
      5. The reason for the price discrepancy
    Customers don’t always pick up on the first call, especially in today’s world when everyone receives spam calls, even from local numbers. People also have busy schedules and may not be able to answer.
    In order to submit a credit request for customers you have been not able to reach, the following is required:
    1. Attempt contact with the customer for a minimum of 72 hours. 
    Credit requests submitted before 72 hours after the lead is confirmed will be automatically denied.
    2. Contact must be attempted a minimum of three times over three separate days.
    3. If you call the customer and the customer doesn’t pick up, you must leave a voicemail or a message with the person who answers.
    4. Customers must be contacted via call AND text message.
    5. Contact attempt dates and times must be submitted with your lead credit request. Credit requests containing less than three contact attempts will be automatically denied.

If you need assistance with editing your pricing, please call or email Daniel Snow at 540.602.3267 /

Credit Request Process and FAQs

  1. Submit lead credit requests using this form.
  2. When to request credits:
    1. Credit requests must be made within 30 days of the lead being received.
    2. Credit requests can be made as soon as it is established that there is an issue with the lead and it is clear a sale of any type will never be made to the customer.
  3. In what form are credits issued?
    1. All concessions will be made as a credit posted to your account, which will be applied toward your next monthly invoice.
    2. Credits will not be issued as refunds to your credit card.
  4. When will you know if your credit requests have been approved/denied?
    1. All credit requests will be processed within 5 business days.
    2. You will receive an email reply alerting you to the status of your request.
      1. We may request additional details before sending a final response.
  5. What to do when a credit has been denied and you disagree with the decision:
      1. Reply to the email which stated the decision.
      2. State why you disagree with the decision.
      3. Your credit request will be reviewed by upper management.
        1. Final decisions rest with
  6. When and how will you be billed for leads received
    1. Your itemized monthly invoices are available to view within the “Billing” section of your account dashboard. All leads, referrals, and other charges, less credits, will be billed to your credit card on file once per month on your billing date. This is typically the 1st day of each month, billing for the previous month’s charges.

If you ever disagree or have questions regarding your monthly invoices, charges to your card, denied credits, etc., please contact Daniel Snow at

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