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The Case of The Lexan® Replacement

Question About Replacing Lexan®:

Good afternoon,

We have a Lexan window panel on one of our lathes, it has a sticker saying it must be replaced every 2 years. Could you tell me why so?


Joe N.

Answer to Question About Replacing Lexan:


Thank you for contacting the Glass Detective regarding your request for some possible information and advice on the need to replace a Lexan guard on one of your lathes. Now let me begin Joe by saying that I take a great deal of care in answering any questions that come in from the Emerald Isle. My grandparents came over a few decades back so I have a natural love for all things Irish. I have spent time there and was even crazy enough to rent a car and drive those very narrow roads of yours. And as I remember, Mullinger has a very nice dog track where you run the greyhounds.

Anyway, you didn’t contact us to talk about the running of the dogs now did you? So, as for the Lexan matter…if the manufacturer of the equipment recommends replacing the Lexan guard every two years, that is what you may be able to do. Lexan will get brittle over time and can also be affected by solvents and abrasion. It is an incredibly strong polycarbonate material, but we would never recommend anything contrary to the manufacturer’s recommendations or instructions.

I hope this helps.

Lyle – AKA The Glass Detective

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  • Good Morning Lyle,
    Thank you so much for the quick reply, we are delighted to hear you visited Ireland and enjoyed the country roads! I’ve had a few entertaining nights out at the dog track, unfortunately the luck never seems to be with me!! I’ll go ahead and replace the windows on our machines, it was just a question i’d like to know the answer to for our apprentices. Thanks again Lyle

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