Metallized Windshield: What is it, and What is its Purpose?

The modern day windshield features a variety of technologies serving many functions, including safety for the driver and structure for the vehicle.

Like many other products in our everyday world, some are more advanced than others. One of these advancements is the metalized windshield, or metal oxide windshield. The glass in these windshields, sometimes installed in higher-end luxury vehicles, contains a thin layer of metal oxide.

Metal oxide film can also be applied in a retrofit application.

The Pluses

The layer of metal oxide reflects the sun and reduces the level of visible light. This provides a range of benefits, which include:

  • Reducing heat gain inside the car;
  • Protecting the interior against ultraviolet rays;
  • Reducing glare for the driver; and
  • Assisting in de-icing and defrosting. Get an Estimate

    Some higher-end luxury vehicles, including many BWMs, use metallized windshields.

The Minuses

While metallized windshields come with their share of comfort and safety benefits, a few trade-offs must be considered.

Have you ever experienced an issue with your toll pass or transponder not working properly? It’s an issue that has left many commuters stumped. The metal in the glass can interfere with radio waves and cause automatic tollway systems, such as the EZ Pass, not to function properly. This may require an exterior device as opposed to the standard interior one most drivers use. However, some metallized windshields do have a non-metallized area around the mirror, so these devices will function properly there.

Additionally, the level of light transmittance in the windshield can vary. Factory installations generally comply with Department of Transportation (DOT) standards, but consult the laws in your local jurisdiction before considering aftermarket options. There are strict laws about how “dark” your windshield can be.

EZ Pass has published a list of car makes, models and years that come with metalized windshields, including certain versions of the Ford Crown Victoria, Chevrolet Impala, Audi A6, Pontiac Transport, a range of BMWs and many other vehicles. View the full list here.

Does your Metalized Windshield Need Replacing?

If your metalized windshield needs replacing, you’ve come to the right place. Affiliates can determine the exact replacement windshield needed for your vehicle and get you back on the road again. For instant price quotes from shops in your local area, simply use’s shop locator tool and book online, instantly, with one of our Affiliates.

Not sure if your windshield is metalized or not? Or not sure if you really need a metalized windshield even if your car came equipped with one from the factory? Don’t worry! Our Affiliates can determine what options your windshield currently has by decoding your car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and recommend replacement options.

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3 responses to “Metallized Windshield: What is it, and What is its Purpose?”

  1. I have a 2013 Porsche Cayenne and it is listed as a mtealized windshield.
    It notes alt location however it doesn’t state what that location is.

    • Hi Craig, we recommend contacting your local Porsche dealership on this question as they will be able to best assist with questions concerning your specific model and trim level. Chances are, there is an area very close to (often behind) your rear view mirror.

  2. I have a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 and having trouble with the EToll transponder.
    Are these vehicles fitted with metallic windshields?

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