What Other Parts May Need to be Replaced with My Windshield?

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So you have to get your windshield replaced… Are there other windshield replacement parts that you need besides the glass itself? If not, are there parts of a windshield you may want to get replaced while you are already in the shop?

Installer Advice


When your windshield is being replaced, the auto glass company will always need to replace the urethane (adhesive). The urethane is vital to providing a high strength bond and sealing a windshield. You may also need to replace the windshield weatherstripping, which may also sometimes be referred to as the moulding. Acquiring as much information about your vehicle as possible, such as the VIN and factory-installed options, will help your installer determine what other parts he may need to perform your install, so have this information handy. If you have a newer car equipped with advanced driver assist systems (ADAS), be sure to let your technician know before getting the windshield replaced. For example, Nissan requires that starting with the 2016 Nissan model lineup, the Leaf, Juke, Sentra and Quest have non-reusable rearview mirrors due to the sensitivity of the ADAS system. “Any windshield replacement on these vehicles also requires the rearview mirror to be replaced,” says Nissan. When dealing with new technology, this could also be the case with antennas, cameras and sensors. So listen to your auto glass tech if he tells you these items need to be replaced as well.



When to Replace Your Windshield Wiper Blades

When Should You Replace Them?

While you have already scheduled a time with an auto glass company, think of other windshield replacement parts you may want to upgrade, such as your wiper blades. Most experts recommend replacing your windshield wiper blades every six to 12 months. This is a general rule, though this time frame can vary depending on the weather conditions your wiper blades have been endured and the quality of the blades themselves.

Aside from time, there are a few other indicators that it is time to replace your blades. Your windshield may experience streaking, which can be caused by aging wiper blades. If the blades haven’t been operated in quite some time, they can also slightly warp in shape, causing them to “skip” across the windshield when in use.

Other indicators of wear include the rubber edges of the blades appearing rounded as opposed to squared, or separation of the rubber from the wiper frame. Regular inspections of your wiper blades—and paying attention to their effectiveness when in use—should help you determine whether it’s time to replace them. If your vehicle is equipped with one, don’t forget to inspect the wiper on your car’s back glass as well. It plays an equally critical role in helping you see through your rearview mirror.

After your replace them consider marking that date on your calendar so you remember to replace them again the following year. To make your wipers last as long as possible, clean your windshield often; Never use your windshield wipers to de-ice you windshield; and pull your wiper blades away from the windshield during winter months to prevent ice build-up on the rubber squeegee and to prevent them from sticking to the windshield.

Where to Go?

If you’ve decided to go ahead and get your wiper blades replaced, head to any local glass shop or auto parts store.

Get an Estimate

Each of your wiper blades will likely be different sizes, and your particular vehicle requires particular lengths, so be sure and ask a clerk at the store for help in choosing the right blades. The employee at the store should also be able to assist you with installing them… so take advantage of that as well and save yourself the trouble.

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