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Picking the Right Door Hardware

When you look around your home, door hardware isn’t likely the first thing you will notice. But door hardware is crucial to both the appearance and function of your doors, so you will want to make sure you choose from many options wisely. You can opt for classic hardware, or modern, contemporary hardware; handles that blend in, or handles that stand out. There are a variety of colors and styles to choose from, too. And, you’ll want to consider how many locking points your family will feel secure with, as multiple locking points are almost always available today. The choices are endless.

Go Modern with Door Hardware?

It seems that contemporary is in right now, even when it comes to patio door hardware. Many look for straight lines and hardware that blends into the doors. Others look for a modern style that features a stark contrast between the frame and the hardware. Whether it’s with style or color, bold is in.
It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Many are seeking varying sizes of handles, particularly on patio doors, where you may see proportions in size. For example, you may want a very large handle on a very large door and a smaller handle on a smaller door.

Color also is key. There are a variety of options available so that you can match your door’s hardware to its interior and exterior finishes. Sometimes this means getting hardware in a two-tone or powder-coated or plated finish, all of which are relatively new to the market.

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Clear View

Door hardware is especially crucial when it comes to patio doors. Homeowners want to make sure they maintain their view through a patio door, but hardware is necessary to open or close the door, which can disrupt sightlines. Sometimes, we see three or more panels in patio doors and larger panels, causing even more headaches for hardware and those installing the doors.
So what do you do? Certain manufacturers are using a flush-mount handle system that allows for full-width movement between the operating and stationary panels.

Some homeowners even want taller panels for a bigger view. In this case, manufacturers will attempt to optimize the roller size on the door to minimize drag and friction. Additionally, some manufacturers are creating doors in which all of the panels slide. Usually, these additional mechanisms are hidden with the door, but you will still want to consider what you’re looking for and what’s most important to you—size, ability to move multiple glass panels, cost, options and availability.

Security in Door Hardware

While many homeowners want patio doors and sliding doors with expansive outdoor views, safety also is crucial. People want to make sure they can lock their patio doors and keep their families safe. There are sophisticated patio door locks available that will keep your family safe.

You can choose to have a number of locking points on the door, if you wish, and there are a number of advanced mechanical locking systems available to keep you secure. These are sophisticated in the way they work, but simple to operate and aesthetically pleasing, designed in a modern style. And more locking points means more security—definitely a bonus.

Hardware for Hinged Doors

When we think of patio doors we often think of sliding glass doors, but many patios today feature hinged doors as well, and there are just as many hardware options available for these.

Again, you can choose from single- or multi-point locks, depending on the level of security needed and desired. You can also get adjustable hinges, so that if your home settles or changes, you can easily adjust the hinge and re-align the door to maintain the view and ease of use.

You can choose from a variety of colors and styles, too, when it comes to handles and locks.

The Next Step

If you install a new patio door and/or are building a house you now know what to look for when choosing hardware and what choices are available to you. There are an array of options available to meet your needs and to suit the décor of your home, and a door professional should be able to guide you through the specifics and options available.

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