The Case of Replacing Glass Damaged with Bullet Hole

Question About Replacing Glass Damaged with Bullet Hole:

Dear Glass Detective,

I have a large window (74″ x 96″) that has a bullet hole in it. Would you recommend replacing with tempered glass or laminated glass?


David W.

Answer About Replacing Glass Damaged with Bullet Hole:


Thank you for contacting the Glass Detective with your request for some help in knowing what may be the best approach for replacing a piece of glass that has a bullet hole in it. Here are some thoughts for you:

First, if you expect this to happen again in the future, you may want to consider using a bullet resting glass which is typically made up of several layers of annealed glass with a vinyl interlayer between the glass panels.

Secondly, as for whether laminated or tempered glass is better for a replacement product in your situation, neither will stop a bullet but laminated glass should stay in the opening after it is broken much better than will a piece of tempered glass.

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Lastly, there is more detail on this subject on the® website if you would like to spend a minute there reviewing the differences between laminated and tempered glass. I hope this is of some benefit to you and thank you again for contacting the Glass Detective.


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