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Should I Update My Shower Enclosure? 7 Signs It’s Time

Your bathroom should be a place that you enjoy and that adds value to your home. If it doesn’t, then you should think about an upgrade. There are many factors to consider when planning a bathroom renovation and your shower enclosure is a vital part of this process. The following are seven signs that your shower enclosure needs an update.

1. You are Interested in Increasing the Value of Your Home

Marble Shower with Glass Enclosure

Similar to other home improvements, remodeling your bathroom can increase the value of your home. Some appraising companies even rank bathroom renovations second only to kitchen renovations when considering home improvements for the sake of improving home value. Whether you are actively putting your home on the market or making your space more livable for years to come, updating your shower enclosure along with the rest of your bathroom modernizes your space and increases its value in the eyes of potential appraisers and buyers.

2. You Want to Freshen Up Your Bathroom’s Aesthetic

Custom fully enclosed shower door

Does it look like the ʼ70s threw up in your bathroom? Aesthetic updates are a great reason to rethink your bathroom design. The addition of modern glass and enclosure upgrades can help you update your bathroom’s look while increasing functionality and practicality. Adding glass to a bathroom can make it appear high-tech and modern, while increasing the amount of light in the room, which invokes openness and transparency. For tips about how to incorporate glass in your bathroom, click here.

If you already have a glass shower enclosure but the hardware is outdated or bulky, you could consider an overall update to an aesthetic that features more glass and less hardware.

3. You Want to Make Your Shower Easier to Clean

Water on glass

As bathrooms age, mold and mildew build in cracks of tile and laminate and on glass. By replacing and updating the materials in your bathroom, your bathroom will become easier to clean and naturally appear new and fresh.

When deciding which glass to choose for your upgraded shower enclosure, make sure to consider opting for a hydrophobic coating. Hydrophobic coatings repel water so that it doesn’t sit on the surface of your glass. While water helps get you clean, when mixed with soap it can leave soap scum on your shower glass if it’s not treated with a hydrophobic coating. This can cause corrosion over time. For more information about how your shower glass gets dirty and how to keep it clean, click here.

4. You Want to Resize or Reconfigure Your Bathroom

Corner Shower Door

Do you want to host more guests in your home? Have all of your kids graduated high school and moved on to college? A change in the number of people who are in your home and using its facilities regularly warrants considering resizing or reconfiguring your bathroom, especially your shower. Reconsidering the layout and uses of this vital space may include converting a tub into a shower or installing a new style of glass enclosure or glass door that better suits your current lifestyle. Installing a glass shower enclosure instead of the bath-shower combination will also improve the lighting of your bathroom and make it feel bigger. If you’re looking to treat yourself and your home, consider these unique and luxury glass shower enclosures.

5. You Want to Feel Relaxed in Your Bathroom

Shower head with water

Everyday use of your bathroom can be enjoyable and even relaxing after a hard day’s work. If you enjoy spending time in the shower, why not make the most of your experience and update your shower enclosure? The spaces where you spend quality relaxation time should be comfortable, bright and clean to further facilitate relaxation. You shouldn’t have to worry about water getting on the floor or having to remove and wash a shower curtain. Switching to a glass shower enclosure gets rid of those worries and helps you relax.

6. You Are Conducting Regular Maintenance

Materials in your bathroom age as you use them over time. Chips in the tile, dulling finishes and scratches on glass surfaces happen from regular, everyday use. Some remodeling companies suggest that homeowners consider updates to their bathroom every ten years. Even if you don’t prescribe to that advice, as you undergo the replacement of other bathroom material and appliances, consider updating your shower enclosure to match the rest of your sparkly new updates.

7. You are Making Major Repairs

Bathroom shower tile repairs

Not-so-routine damage may occur in your bathroom that requires more serious action. Leaky fixtures and failing plumbing can cause major damage to your home and make living conditions unsafe, unreliable and inefficient. The installation of new facilities is often required in the process of making emergency bathroom repairs, and shower enclosure updates align with such upgrades. As you make major repairs, consider making changes and replacements for your bathroom and shower enclosure that will help prevent further damage and improve your bathroom overall.

If one or more of these signs is true for you and your bathroom, consider updating your shower enclosure! Whether out of necessity or for the sake of personal style, updating your bathroom can enhance your daily experience in your bathroom and improve your quality of life.

As you start to plan out your dream bathroom, consider these steps to help the process go smoothly. Wondering how much a new glass shower enclosure costs? Click here to find out.

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