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The Case of the Skylight Replacement

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Hi Glass Detective,

I am replacing an old bubble type skylight with a curb mount Velux. I have a few tall fir trees around my house and in storms have huge pine cone and some branches come bouncing on the roof.

Is it best to get a tempered or laminated glass skylight for best breakage protection?

Thank you

Steve H.



Thank you for contacting the Glass Detective with your question regarding a Velux skylight being used in your home. Based on the information you have provided, my response is as follows: Velux is a very durable and easily installed product. Typically, they’re supplied with fully tempered glass with a low-E coating. For glass breakage resistance, the tempered glass is quite adequate under normal usage. The concerns you have would not appear to be an issue. I believe Home Depot handles (stocks and sells) Velux skylight assemblies and you may want to stop in at a location near you and talk over your application with a representative. I wish you good luck with your project.

-Glass Detective

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