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The Case of the Stained—and we mean “Stained” – Fireplace Glass

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Question about removing stain from fireplace glass:

Dear Glass Detective,

HELP!!! How do I remove a smear of mineral spirits from glass fireplace screen? We painted the fireplace screen and removed some drops of paint from the glass with mineral spirits, but now the mineral spirits has left stains on the glass. What do we do?

Sally S.

Answer regarding removing stain from fireplace glass:

Dear Sally,

The glass detective loves a good fire in a fireplace as much as the next guy, and never wants the glass to detract from its hypnotic and calming effects. So fear not, this case is easy to solve.

First, pre-clean the screen with a good glass cleaner (such as the cleaner) and soft clean cloth rags. Let it dry thoroughly. Then go after those stains with isopropyl alcohol. Apply soft clean cloth rags with the alcohol and rub the screen thoroughly until the stains are gone. Then clean it again with a good glass cleaner. Let it dry and you’ll be ready to enjoy your fireplace again, good as new.

-The Glass Detective

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Lyle Hill

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