A Day in the Life of a Glass Shop: Robert Hiller

Commercial Glass and Plastics Lynchburg, VA Robert Hiller’s 15,000 square foot glass shop is impressive by any standard—especially because it sits in the mostly rural foothills of southwest Virginia. But the 64-year-old didn’t just build Commercial Glass and Plastics Inc. overnight. He’s a second-generation glazier whose father started in the glass business in 1945— not […]


A Day in the Life of a Glass Shop

A Day At The Glass Shop Have you ever wondered what it’s like at a glass shop, how they operate, or what it’s like to work in one? Here’s a first-hand account from someone with decades of industry experience:   Glass shops, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. As someone who will soon […]


Where Should You Buy Your Windows and Doors?

Buying new windows and doors for your home is a process. Where should you go and how do you find the right company? Glass.com can help you find the best option for your project.