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The Case of the Dangerous Broken Auto Glass

September 21, 2018

Is auto glass sharp when it breaks? Can it cause injuries in the even of an accident? Perhaps a recent accident has left you wondering. We have answers. Find out more here.

The Case of the Glass Shelving

August 28, 2018

The Glass Detective takes on the case of figuring out what type of glass should be used for glass shelving applications. We discuss laminated, tempered, and laminated-tempered glass. Read more here.

The Case of Laminated Glass Cutting

June 18, 2018

The Glass Detective answers a question about cutting laminated glass. Is laminated glass more difficult to cut than tempered glass? Is there a problem with edges on laminated glass? Get the answers to these questions and more here.

The Case of the Counterfeit Glass

April 18, 2018

In a world where so many products are counterfeited, even glass is no exception. The glass detective looks at a particular situation involving tempered glass and points out the give-away signs of what to look for when it comes to counterfeit panes. Read more here!

The Case of the Coffee Table Glass Top

February 5, 2018

The Glass Detective explains why neither laminated glass nor tempered glass, by itself, would be the best solution for a coffee table top. But he does give an excellent recommendation as to what would make a great table top. Keep reading to find out more!

The Case of Replacing Glass Damaged with Bullet Hole

January 25, 2018

The Glass Detective addresses the question of what type of glass to use in the event that your window has been damaged with a bullet hole. Laminated? Tempered? Bullet resistant glass? Read on to find out.