The Case of the Glass Wine Cellar Door

If you are thinking about building or renovating a wine cellar, you should consider the type of door that will be used to seal the cellar shut. It will play a vital role in keeping your wine at optimal temperature. The Glass Detective explores the options in this blog. Read more.


The Case of the Sometimes Stained Glass

Do your glass doors have streaks that don’t seem to come off no matter how well you clean them? The Glass Detective investigates and addresses what can cause these unsightly stains and the best way to go about fixing the issue. Find out more here.


The Case of the Earthquake Doors

The Glass Detective answers a question about how to choose sliding glass doors if you live in an area that is prone to earthquakes. If you’re looking to replace sliding glass doors and live in an earthquake prone area, this article is for you!


The Case of Replacing Glass Damaged with Bullet Hole

The Glass Detective addresses the question of what type of glass to use in the event that your window has been damaged with a bullet hole. Laminated? Tempered? Bullet resistant glass? Read on to find out.


The Case of the Glass Stairway Railing

The Glass Detective takes on the case of the glass stairway railing and answers a question about the best type of glass to use for railings and balcony barriers. Safety is paramount in these cases so read on to find out more.


The Case of the Clear Glass Shelving

The Glass Detective explores options for glass shelving used for furniture when a concerned citizen inquires about glass tint colors. Be it blue, green or clear, different tints can be applied to the glass to achieve the desired look. Learn more.

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