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What Window Should I Choose

September 10, 2020

At, the consumers who reach out to us for advice often ask, “What type of window is best for me?” In handling these consumer interactions, we quickly came to understand that not everybody was asking the same question when they referred to the topic of windows. Some wanted to know what type of glass […]

How to Replace Sliding Patio Door Glass

June 20, 2019

Join the Glass Detective as he takes on the case of the Do Not DIY Door. Learn about patio door glass replacement and why you'll want a professional's help.

How to Fix Sticking Sliding Glass Patio Door

March 5, 2019

Is your sliding glass patio door sticking, heavy, and hard to open or close? Usually this is an easy problem to fix. Find out how here as the glass detective takes on the case of the sticking sliding glass patio door.

How to Fix a Sticking Sliding Patio Door

February 25, 2019

Question about sticking sliding patio doors: Dear Glass Detective, My Florida pool home has three sliding glass patio doors that face the pool. They are extremely difficult to open and close. I believe the bottom hardware or rollers need to be replaced. Who can I contact to rebuild my sliding doors? Are there contractors who […]

The Case of the Earthquake Doors

January 31, 2018

The Glass Detective answers a question about how to choose sliding glass doors if you live in an area that is prone to earthquakes. If you're looking to replace sliding glass doors and live in an earthquake prone area, this article is for you!