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Why Temperature is Important in a Windshield Installation

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The outside temperature plays a role in all outdoor installations, so if you are having your windshield replaced outdoors—in a mobile installation—you’ll want to consider the weather. Many areas are still seeing soaring summer temperatures as the season nears to a close, and with this hot weather comes additional concerns about having your windshield replaced.

Temperatures Effect on Adhesives Used in Windshield Replacement

First, it is important to remember that though most urethanes (the adhesive used to bond a windshield to the vehicle) can be used under a wide variety of conditions, there are limits to temperatures and humidity conditions under which the adhesive will cure.

Be sure to check with the technician doing the work to make sure that the urethane being used is appropriate for the hot weather. If not, find out if there is an indoor location at which the work can be completed or an alternative product the technician can use.

Preventing Cracks From Spreading in High Temperatures

Even if you don’t think you need a replacement yet, it is crucial that you watch your glass for chips and cracks. Very high temperatures can cause the smallest chip or crack in your windshield to spread quickly. If you spot a chip or a crack in the glass, you will want to locate an auto glass company by using auto glass services. You should then contact the company to see if the windshield damage can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

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