The Case of the Tractor Windshield


Dear Glass Detective,

Kubota offers a tempered glass windshield for 2 of their models that have a maximum speed of 25 mph. The model I have is supposed to go 29 mph and Kubota says that’s too fast for the tempered windshield. Their tempered model is $750 and the laminated model is $1200. Does the additional 4 mph really make the tempered windshield a “bad choice “?

Thanks Bo



Thank you for contacting the Glass Detective with your question regarding the use of tempered glass as a windshield for a Kubota motorized vehicle. My specific answer is … I would never use any product for a vehicle that was not recommended by the manufacturer. If the manufacturer says a given product does not meet the maximum “potential” use of the vehicle, I would stay away from it. Secondly, The Glass Detective does not like tempered windshields in any type of vehicle and always will recommend the laminated product. Hope this helps and thanks for contacting the Glass Detective!

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