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Unique and Luxury Glass Shower Enclosures

Want to create a mind-blowing shower that’s both visually impressive and equally luxurious? We’re talking about the kind you see featured on home renovation shows or the ones you drool over on your Pinterest board late at night. Well, has seen a lot of showers and we’ve dissected the elements that it takes to create these ultra-lux glass shower enclosures.

Some of these elements are relatively easy and inexpensive to obtain so don’t think this is out of reach for your own home (or bank account). You might not be able to incorporate all of the elements, but even just one or two can have a huge impact. Or if you’re doing a complete bathroom remodel with a sky’s-the-limit budget, we’ll give you the secret recipe to create the shower that house guests will go crazy over.

Shower Placement

Many of the luxurious showers you’ll see are placed in unique spots. Some are standalone units placed in the middle of the bathroom. Others are the main focal point when looking into the bathroom from the master bedroom- even to the point where you basically step into the shower when entering the bathroom, or have to pass through the shower the get to the rest of the bathroom. For a super modern look, consider removing most of the barriers between the bathroom and bedroom altogether—sort of like an open concept living room, but with a toilet. Although this is a cool look it can lack in practicality. That’s why our vote stands with the former, standalone placement.

Custom Fully Enclosed Shower Door

Shower Design

Glass is where it’s at when it comes to unique and modern shower enclosure styles. Luxury showers deserve to be shown off, so you wouldn’t want to hide all the wonderful features behind an opaque wall. Instead, use glass to showcase the hardware and tile you’ve dropped serious coin on.

Some unique standalone shower enclosures are walled off on all four sides with large panes of glass as we mentioned above. Other shower layouts may utilize walls on one, two or three sides. In this case, you may want to use the glass as a partition to keep water from splashing into other parts of the bathroom. A partition allows you to keep an open feel in the bathroom and the floor will be graded to keep water contained- no door necessary.

Glass Shower Enclosure

If you like the idea of a door though, there are some very eye-catching options such as sliding barn doors or frameless hinged doors. Nearly all luxury showers utilize frameless glass options which keeps hardware, as well as sightlines, to a minimum. This means you won’t detract focus from the rest of the shower.

Glass shower enclosures can be designed to make the most of the space in your bathroom. Common layouts include:

  • Square Shower Enclosures
  • Rectangular Shower Enclosures
  • 90 Degree Shower Enclosures
  • Neo-Angle Shower Enclosures
  • Curved Shower Enclosures

A Shower With a View

If a wall of your bathroom faces a private outdoor area, you may consider installing large windows or even glass doors that open from inside the shower, to the outdoors. As long as you don’t have nosy neighbors (or preferably no neighbors at all), adding exterior glass walls can have an incredible visual impact in a number of ways.

Indoor outdoor shower with a view
  1. It brings the outside in.

Have you ever showered under a waterfall? No? You’re missing out. Turning your shower into a more natural environment is a great way to make for a relaxing, enjoyable experience.

2. It makes the shower feel bigger.

Rooms with windows and mirrors naturally look bigger because your line of sight goes beyond where the room stops. Make the most of the space by adding as much of these elements as possible, especially if the space is small to begin with.

3. It lets in natural light.

Don’t just bath your body in water, bath in natural light too. This can be an incredibly energizing way to wake up if you’re a morning shower person.

Interior Shower Finishes

Once you’ve figured out the placement and design of your shower, it’s time to pick out finishes. If you’re placing the shower against a wall you’ll need to choose a material to finish the walls in. Popular choices include:

  • Glass Tile

Glass tile has become increasingly popular in recent years. It provides a clean, modern look.

Glass Tile Shower Enclosure
  • Granite or Marble

Granite or marble almost always exude luxury. The larger the panels are, the sleeker they look.

Marble Shower
  • Stone

Stone is an excellent option if you’re looking to create the feel of a natural oasis. Complete the look by placing plants in the bathroom.

Stone Shower

Any of these options above can be color coordinated to match the rest of your bathroom. What you choose all depends on the type of look you’re trying to create. Whether it’s modern, classic or natural there’s no shortage of color options.

Glass Shower Options

If you’re going with a full glass enclosure, the finish options are nearly endless too. Many luxury showers feature clear glass so you can see the hardware and other finishes inside. Low iron glass is a great upgrade option here. Iron is what causes a slightly green tint in glass. Glass manufactured with low iron is much more optically clear and can add to the open feel of a shower.

If you want to switch it up a bit, or like the idea of more privacy, there are other options. Glass can be finished with all sorts of patterns ranging from clear to opaque. Variations include:

  • Frosted
  • Rain
  • Fluted
  • Aquatex
  • Bronze
  • Grey
Glass shower finish options

Shower Hardware

One thing you’ll notice about all luxury showers is that there’s no lack of shower heads. Many feature spray heads located on the side walls that can be angled for full body coverage. Another popular feature is a “rain” style main shower head. These oversized shower heads are usually positioned directly overhead and create that natural spa-like feel.

Square shower head

Speaking of water, you won’t want it to be too hot or too cold when you enter the shower. Upgrade to a digital faucet which will monitor the temperature and tweak it to the exact degree you program it for. If your significant other showers at a different temperature, many models allow you to program settings for multiple users.

From the faucets to the nozzles, shower head and other hardware, you want to make sure it makes a visual impact. Chrome is popular right now for a bright, clean look. Oil rubbed bronze is also trendy as a darker finish. Hardware can even be powder-coated to match any color you wish.

Shower Lighting

No one liked to shower in the dark. Well…some of us do while we’re still half asleep at 5 am. But luxury showers deserve to have beautiful finishes lighted. Not only will you be able to see the sparkle of your marble better, but it will also actually make the shower look bigger. Make sure the light matches the feel you’re trying to create. If you’re trying to create a natural and relaxing spa feel, try a soft white light or even a slightly yellow glow. Crisp, clean white showers with chrome hardware will look best with a bright white. For something modern, try LED mood lighting that can be switched between colors remotely depending on the time of day and how you want to feel.

LED Shower Lighting

Luxury Shower Installers

If you’re looking to add some of these upgrades to your current shower, or you want to completely remodel your bathroom, start your search for a local professional on Simply go to, type in your zip code, and book with a local affiliate for a free no-hassle, no-obligation quote.

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