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What Does a Frameless Shower Door Cost?

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Swapping from a framed shower door to a frameless shower door can be a great aesthetic upgrade for your home’s bathroom. Even more value can be added if you’re ditching that dingy old shower curtain in favor of the sleek lines that glass can provide. As with any home renovation project, there are details you must take into consideration before jumping headfirst into the project. Namely, the cost. The expert advice from® can help you determine whether a frameless shower door is within your budget and guide you in the right direction to make this project a breeze.

When to Upgrade to a Frameless Shower Door

The perfect opportunity to upgrade to a frameless shower door is when your old shower is worn out. Maybe it’s time to replace the shower curtain, or maybe the glass in your framed shower just broke. Or worse still, perhaps you’re stuck in the 1990’s timewarp with gold shower door hardware. Picking a time when you need to upgrade your shower anyway will help lessen the pain of swiping that credit card.

Why Do Frameless Shower Doors Cost More?

In general, frameless shower doors are more expensive than framed shower doors because of increased material costs and increased installation costs. Since there is no framing to support the glass in a frameless shower door, the glass itself must create the structural strength, therefore it must be thicker. Thicker glass costs more money. Additionally, frameless shower doors require a high level of skill to install because of the specialized hardware. Everything must line up perfectly so that the door swings properly and there are no large gaps that will allow water to escape.

Frameless Shower Door Design

Frameless showers usually use more glass and less of other materials, which can also increase the price. A standard framed shower may use fiberglass, acrylic, or tile to make up most of the walls, whereas glass will replace these walls in a frameless shower. Glass is not the cheapest material in comparison to fiberglass or acrylic. However, keep in mind the trade-off that the elegant glass enclosure will add value to your home’s bathroom.

Frameless Shower Cost

The question you’ve been dying to know the answer to: What will it cost? Well, there’s no single straightforward answer, but we’ll still give you some straightforward estimates…with caveats. The caveats are that these estimates will vary depending on the size of the enclosure, the quality of the products and installation company, added options, and your geographic location. A shower installation in New York City will not cost the same as a shower installation in Omaha, Nebraska. These pricing estimates are based on hundreds of installations in dozens of locations. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Frameless Shower with Hinged Door

    This type of enclosure is the gold standard of frameless shower doors. The enclosure is glass on at least one side. The door is hinged and opens outward for safety purposes. Upgraded hinges will allow the door to open both inward and outward, which can be helpful in bathrooms that are limited on space and wouldn’t otherwise allow a door to swing open completely.

    Tip: Open the door inward when you’re done showering to let water drip back into the shower rather than onto your bathroom floor!

    Hinged shower door

    Pricing typically ranges from $1,200-$1,600.

  1. Frameless Shower with Sliding Door

    This type of enclosure is very similar to the one above with one major difference—the door. A sliding shower door, or what is sometimes referred to as a barndoor style, will slide to open and close. The sliding hardware typically is mounted to the top of the door, but some styles allow the slider hardware to be bottom mounted for a minimal sightline. Keep in mind that the shower much be twice the width of the door to allow the door to slide open. Certain bathrooms may not be able to accommodate this style.

    Frameless Shower with Sliding Door

    Pricing typically ranges from $1,400-$1,600.

  1. Corner Frameless Shower

    This type of frameless shower enclosure will feature glass on two sides because it is meant to act as a corner. The door can be of either style above, given proper space. Having glass on two sides of the shower removes an opaque wall, which will instantly help your bathroom feel larger and more open. Additionally, more light will be let into the shower making it a more enjoyable environment.

    Marble shower with frameless glass enclosure

    Pricing typically ranges from $1,400-$1,600.

  2. Custom Fully Enclosed Frameless Shower

    A custom fully enclosed frameless shower is for those who really want the personalized touch that will turn their bathroom into more of an experience, and less of just a place to wash up. A fully custom enclosure can feature glass on three sides, or even all four, for a fully freestanding unit. Not only does this create an excellent focal point, but it also eliminates walls, which will open the room up to make it feel as large as possible.

    Custom frameless shower enclosure

    Pricing typically ranges from $1,900-$3,500+.

With all of the above estimates, keep in mind that the cost will largely depend on your existing shower. Will it need to be removed and replaced with a custom enclosure? Will tile work need to be done? Will plumbing need to be relocated? All of these will create added expenses.

To get the most accurate pricing, you’ll want to contact a local shower installer in your area who will be able to help you figure out which frameless shower enclosure option works best for your bathroom and your budget. They’ll be able to guide you step by step through the process of picking the enclosure style, the glass type (did we mention there are finish options?), hardware color, and hydrophobic coating options.

A shower is something most people use nearly every day (…hopefully at least every other day) and should be an enjoyable experience. Giving your home’s bathroom the ultimate upgrade, a frameless shower enclosure, is something that will pay dividends in the form of the joy that your home brings you. And chances are, someone else will want to enjoy this focal feature just as much as you—it might even be what causes your home to sell when you’re ready to move!

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