The Windshield in My Car Just Broke, What Should I Do?

By Lyle Hill

Hopefully, no one was hurt or too terribly frightened. Get any medical you might need first, then assess how badly the windshield was broken. Whether a minor break or crack out of the driver’s viewing area, you need to get it fixed.

Since nearly all windshields are made of laminated glass (with a safety inner layer between two pieces in the middle of a glass sandwich) you should be able to get it home or to the auto glass shop without too much difficulty. Depending on the type of break, you may be able to have it repaired rather than completely replaced. In any case:

5 Steps To Take After Your Windshield Breaks

1. Do Not Drive: (Except to get out of traffic) If the windshield is badly broken or appears to be coming out/off of the car. The structural integrity of your car depends on a safe, properly installed windshield.

2. Wear Gloves: Be sure to wear gloves if you have to deal with any broken glass and dispose of the broken glass in a way that others will not come in contact with it. Do not mix it with your regular trash. Put it in separate and labeled container.

3. Vacuum Up Small Pieces of Glass: Use a high-powered vacuum to pick up any small pieces of glass that may be present.

4. Dispose of Glass Pieces: Wait a few minutes, and vacuum again, making sure to properly dispose of the bag that may have glass in it.

5. Replace Your Windshield: ALWAYS have a reputable, qualified glass shop inspect and properly replace your windshield -ASAP.

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