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The Case of the Glass Wine Cellar Door

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Question Regarding Glass for a Wine Cellar Door:

Dear Glass Detective,

We want to replace sliding doors (wood frame) that are too heavy for us to operate. We need:

1) Good insulation (Jackson, Wyoming)
2) Light weight/easy operation (we are over 65 years old)
3) Moderate cost

In the specs I cannot seem to figure out how to compare how easy the doors slide (weight) between brands, styles, or materials. All help appreciated.

Thank you,

Answer to Question Regarding Glass for a Wine Cellar Door:


Thank you for contacting the Glass Detective regarding your request for help in selecting the appropriate sliding glass doors for your home in Wyoming. Based on the information provided, I am going to suggest you consider either a vinyl or aluminum door.

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Of the two, I almost always prefer the aluminum but only if the aluminum frame for both the doors and perimeter framing are what is known as “thermally broken”. Thermally broken frames have a barrier inside which helps prevent thermal energy loss. The glass should be tempered insulating units and if the door faces east, west or south, I would recommend that the glass have low-e coating for energy saving purposes.

Today’s well-made doors slide easily and should give you years of good service. And remember, you almost always get “what you pay for.” I hope this is of some value to you and good luck with your project.

-The Glass Detective

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