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Glass Railing Systems

February 18, 2022

The Case of the Reticent Railing Remodeler Dear Glass Detective, Would you please advise me whether to choose between laminated or tempered glass for a frameless glass railing system on my balcony in the 4th floor of a building? Will ½” glass be considered safe or should I ask for a thicker glass? I want […]

Choosing a Glass Railing System

October 21, 2019

Join the Glass Detective as he takes on The Case of the Reliable Railing Recommendations. Looking to add a glass railing system? The Glass Detective has tips for what your options could be and whether or not you should hire a pro for the install.

The Relative Strength of Tempered Glass Versus Laminated Glass

September 24, 2019

Join the Glass Detective as he takes on the case of the Relative Railing. The relative strength of glass is important when it comes to matters of safety such as glass railing systems. Is laminated stronger than tempered? Find out here.

Polycarbonate vs. Laminated Glass

August 12, 2019

Join the Glass Detective as he takes on the case of the polycarbonate pool project. Find out whether polycarbonate or laminated glass is best for a glass deck railing system.