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The Case of Glass Thicknesses

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Dear Glass Detective,

I am trying to understand at what m/sq point to move from 6.4 mm laminate up to 8.8 mm and so on. The size of the opening for this job is 1,105 mm wide x 2,200 mm high. It’s in a 4 sided frame either side of a doorway. Floor to ceiling.


Aidan from Galway



Thank you for contacting the Glass Detective with your question regarding what thickness of glass would be suitable for an opening 1, 105 mm X 2,200 mm. Specifically, it appears as though your concern is whether or not you can use 6.4 mm glass vs something larger (8.8 mm or thicker) I am not knowledgeable regarding windload requirements in your area and while this is not an extremely large opening, there is a chance that a thicker (than 6.4 mm) glass is more desirable. The first step would be to get the local windload requirements then find out (by checking with the intended supplier or a windload calculating program) to see if the 6.4 mm laminate is usable. If it doesn’t make the windload requirements you will automatically be driven to the thicker product. However, even if the thinner glass would work, generally speaking, the thicker glass would be safer, more durable and less subject to failure. I hope this helps!

-The Glass Detective

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