The Case of Glass Thermal Ratings


What is the thermal rating for laminated glass compared with double glazing? Is double glazing safety glass the same as laminated glass.? Thank you.

-Dave H.

Papakura, New Zealand



Thank you for contacting the Glass Detective with your question regarding what you refer to as “glass thermal ratings”. The quick response is as follows: ¼” (6mm) laminated glass has an approximate winter nighttime U-Value of 1.02 while a 1” (25mm) insulating glass unit made with clear glass and with no coatings of any kind has an approximate winter nighttime U-Value 0f .47. Laminated glass is a safety glass product and can be used in insulating (double glazing) assemblies. Tempered glass would also qualify as a safety glass in single or double glazed assemblies. It is suggested that you contact and work with a trusted glass shop in your area for additional information and assistance in choosing the right glass product for your project.

-Glass Detective


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